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Maximus delivers BIG time
  • big_Obig_O
    Posts: 44
    Yesterday I discovered that, for me, the Maximus may equate to maximum sexual pleasure and be my all time favorite Aneros model. Recently I ordered a Maximus and Eupho to add to my Helix and MGX models. I was anxious to try out the Maximus, so soon after it arrived I did a little preliminary anal play with a small butt plug, generously lubed up the Maximus and slid it in. It was definitely a tighter fit than my other models so I would advise to go slow if you’re not used to anal penetration. Once the Maximus was fully inserted I immediately noticed the pressure and pleasurable sensations as it contacted my prostate. It only took a few minutes of medium contractions to bring on my first orgasm, and from there things only got better. Eventually I was bearing down hard on the Maximus with a combination of voluntary and involuntary contractions. By this time the pre-cum was flowing freely and I was transported to that place of total sexual ecstasy. I edged along from orgasm to orgasm for 30-40 minutes, and then finally finished off with perhaps the most intense ejaculatory orgasm I can remember.

    In a day or two I’ll take the Eupho out for a test drive as well. I’m sure it will be a delight as well, but I’ll be surprised if it can equal my first experience with the Maximus.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    You do realise that i hate you. you luck, lucky son of a b**ch, i have no gf now and wouldnt feel half as bad as do about it if i could do those kinds of things on my own.