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Different strokes for different folks
  • BonaparteBonaparte
    Posts: 22
    Hi everybody:

    I've been thinking about this question of variation in anatomy... I hear Support saying that I should be patient and not try to change to a different Aneros because it takes time for most guys to get results...

    Here's my hypothesis: maybe a poorly fitting Aneros (because of variation in anatomy) just increases the length of time it takes to get results. (The frustrated slow learners like me suspect in our darkest moments of buyer's remorse that it would prevent results). THe people who get results right away are the ones who are lucky enough to get an ANeros that fits perfectly (provides maximum stimulation) right out of the box. The ones for whom it takes longer are straining to hear whispers of stimulation from an Aneros that just barely hits their individual "sweet spot" that eventually they can discern and then build on as the "pumping of arousal" takes over. Eventually, as in , months later?

    I'd be interested to hear anyone's comments who has tried different Aneros units. WHich ones, what was the time sequence of switching up, what is your stature, and what have been your results?

    Below are some posts that got me thinking about this:


    I've experienced the same thing (never generated alot of pre-cum) with the HELIX. It feels awesome, but I don't produce any precum. If i remove the helix and insert my MGX, it starts flowing straight away. (Jay-Dee)


    posted: 2005-07-13 07:26:09

    (this post was edited 2005-07-13 16:04:09)


    . ... the manufacturer has confirmed to me on numerous occasions that the SGX was conceived for those who are of your height.

    Given the description of your sessions, it's very likely that you'd do better with the SGX. Mayfield


    I find that in the side position the aneros doesn't make good contact with the sensitive spots, has limited range of motion, and is harder to control. An aneros that was 1/2" shorter would work better for me



  • mu1timu1ti
    Posts: 61
    I think you have a point.

    I have a classic, helix & an mgx, my SGX is on order.

    I'm 5'7.5" medium build & I can fairly easily achieve involuntary contractions.

    The classic is comfortable until I begin to contract, it's head gives too much pressure - apparently it's designed to stimulate the seminal vesicles.

    My Helix is comfortable on all levels of contraction but I believe it's too long. I've modified the tab but have to contract quite hard to get any pressure. I feel my prostate strongly on removal and insertion but less so when practising. I have had NEOs with this unit which is great but when I go to involuntary contractions I believe I'm getting pressure in the wrong places.
    My problem is that when it's in the right position relative to my prostate it's too far out to get any tab pressure until I insert past my prostate.

    The MGX is the same length as the Helix more or less but this one really beds in with lots of tab pressure & is totally comfortable.
    Same again though in that I feel it puts pressure on the anterior wall above the prostate.

    Will add to this thread when the SGX arrives.

    I think for most guys different body positions make up for small anatomical variations. Also we are different shapes at different stages of arousal so most of us will probably be ok with any model.

    I don't think height is the main factor though, tall people can have short arses :)

    I propose to take some measurements in my favourite position & make myself a custom model from my classic, a file and various grades of wet & dry paper! I know from removing my curly handles that this plastic sands ok - will be a fun bit of sculpture anyway :)

    Cheers, Mu1ti