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contacting and massaging the prostate !!!
  • geezergeezer
    Posts: 18
    O.K. went and had a prostate massage to see exactly what it is supposed to feel like with an object contacting it and have discoverd that my Aneros is not continually in contact with my prostate thus making it very difficult to attain orgasm .
    so, I am assuming that continous contact is required???? and contractions create the massage.???
  • rayvegarayvega
    Posts: 13
    How did you find out where is your prostate? A doctor showed you? or some other toy?
  • nlr420nlr420
    Posts: 18
    How many times have you used it? Have you attempted different positions?
  • geezergeezer
    Posts: 18
    Had a female specialist massage it for me so I knew exactly what it was supposed to feel like but my helix or sgx seems to only contact my prostate on the initial insertion after that I think it has slid past or something...what i want to know from the "experts". is..Does the aneros have to be in contact with the prostate the majority of the time during a session.?? seems from experts posts that it does, but I would like confirmation.