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Heart rate increase with involuntary contractions
  • mu1timu1ti
    Posts: 61
    I just had a very good session. Relaxed listening to the ecstasy CD & Helix inserted.

    Experienced a really nice orgasm, think it might have been anal to be honest in wich case it's my first one ever (there was no ejaculation - haven't come for 4 days now, building my charge!).

    When the involuntary contractions started a few seconds later I felt like I was slipping into something deeper still but my heart rate raced. I just checked it out on my metronome & I reckon it was around 140bpm or more.
    Eventually I had to let go of my contraction to slow my heart beat, I think I rode with it for a minute or 2 & the rate stayed constant.

    Everything was fine & I feel good but I don't know how I should handle the sudden fast heart beat?

    Should I see it through & let it develop into something or is there a technique for calming the heart without stopping the pleasurable contactions?

    Thanks in advance for advice :)