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Expirement with ice pack durring aneros use
  • nlr420nlr420
    Posts: 18
    Yesterday I finally had a day to myself so I made the best of it and was determined to get big "O" yesterday. It was possibly my 6-7 time using it. I found two postions that worked good. Kneeling and on my back with legs resting on couch.

    It was a hot day yesterday and I didn't have the air on. So I got two ice packs out of the freezer. At first I put them under my ass-cheeks (with jeans on top) to keep cool. At first it worked great and added to the sensations. Then I switch postions and rested one of the ice packs on my balls and used the other on my nipples. Doing this, felt even better. I switched again to kneeling position with my balls resting on the ice pack and thats when I finally got positive results from aneros use. Pre-cum started squirting out of me like fire hydrant. Luckily I had the jeans near by to soak all this up because there was no way I was stopping.

    Having the pre-cum come out made me nervouse at first because at first it felt like I had to piss. But then I lost control and it started squirting out. That was pretty hot. I did not big "un-assisted" "O". I couldn't take it any more and took over "manually" to finish myself off.

    Ok I just wanted to share.