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I'am I doing it right?
  • ThomThom
    Posts: 1
    I just got aneros MGX and tryed it three times already a little something but nothing like the testimonies i've read. Tell me and decribe how to do the contraction? Please help.
  • nlr420nlr420
    Posts: 18
    I just purchased the helix 30 days ago. I've had 6-7 sessions so far. yesterday I finally got results. You have to keep flexing the muscle like you are trying to hold a shit in . I was at it for like 4 hours yesterday and after the 3rd hour I began to cover myself in loads of pre-cum (good thing I had something in grabbing distance to soak it up). It felt like I had to take a piss and was satisfying to ejaculate.

    You need to experiment with different positions to hit your prostrate right. My best position so far is on my back with my knees bent and my legs resting on the couch. Another good method is kneeling. After working the area down there for so long the convulsions did start. My nipples did get sensitive. I did not get big "O" and I had to finish myself off. It still felt real good.