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Using Aneros with a partner
  • buttpalbuttpal
    Posts: 1
    I just got my aneros for myself and one for my b/f. My b/f help with the lubrication and insertion of the aneros helix. I do the same for him at the same time. We both followed the instructions and shortly some fluid starts to drip from our penis. The sensations around the rectum are very pleasant and as we both like to take our time we find it a better idea to use the aneros with a partner. Our penis is flacid and erect at times depending on the sensations we receive from the aneros and fluid drips on and off. We both move around or lie on our back what ever position is more pleasant. After more than 3 hours with the aneros inside the rectum we slowly pull it out and shower and still have a aroused feeling. We tried to avoid touching our penis or balls.