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A Little Introspection
  • Tom LTom L
    Posts: 24
    In using my Aneros over the last year I have come up with a few thoughts. In my search and quest of self discovery I have come across many different levels of, for lack of a better description; an "education". In using the Aneros I have discovered many different things about myself that have been very inlightening. The possibilities of the body and mind to generate pleasure is far beyond what I have ever imagined possible. It is actually off the charts.
    When I first started using my Aneros I started with the MGX. I used it for a few months with some positive results but nothing noteworthy. Still yet some things I did learn. I then moved onto the Helix with even better results. I have in the course of a year taught myself or should I say learned to get incredible pleasure out of its use. So much so that I can now get pleasure waves just from a certain way that I contract my PC muscles, at any time. Without the use of the Aneros. It's almost like I can at certain times make my prostate, "sing". In all of this learning and self discovery I have only acheived the super"O" one short period of time. Each and every time I use my Helix I can always get to a very high pitched incredible pre-orgasmic level of intensity, but just as I can feel myself preparing to go over the top into what I believe to be the super "O" I always backslide back about halfway down. It is very easy for me to get back to this level each and every time I use my Aneros. The pleasure is incredible and the experience is exhausting, but still no release. The super "O" still evades me.
    The thought that keeps surfacing is that could there be a possiblilty that this is not an issue of breathing, or one of relaxation or attitude, or even position. Could it be an issue of diet or even something more. I wonder is there something that my body is lacking or not enough of in me that is preventing my going over the top. I see that there are a few guys out there that are not getting the results that they want. Is it possible that the issue could be as simple as they are not getting enough B-12, or enough vitamin C or something of that sort.
    I am in no way stressing over this because I actually find it quite interesting. I guess its on to the next level of education. Slowly putting the pieces together.
    It is kind of ironic that my purpose of getting the Aneros was one of simple pleasure. Something I did want to have to think about. Just use it and forget about life for awhile and now it has progressed far beyond that. Now it has become a quest for knowledge and greater awareness.
    If anybody has any thing that they would like to contibute to help me in my journey; all input is welcome. Thanks, Tom
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Tom,

    You certainly seem like you are enjoying your journey without putting too much pressure on yourself. Nice to hear about someone who appears to not be in a hurry to get there. Even though I am sure you will welcome it anytime. There have been other threads that talk about different nutritional supplements a person can take. I have not personally gotten to that point yet. But from what I read, that could be an area to look at.

    Thanks for the update.

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    I couldn't agree more with this post. I have had the Helix for over a month now and continue to experience pleasure and feelings that I had not thought possible. I'm not worrying about a super "O". If it happens it happens. The feelings of euphoria and extreme pleasure is well worth the investment. As a personal note, the frustration that I have experienced from my wife having a low sex drive, has been eliminated. The self pleasure that I receive takes away the sexual tension that I experience and unfortunately put on my wife. Our relationship is better because I've become more satisfied with my "relief". It's a nice added benefit.
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    Interesting that a lot of users seem to experience the same level of sensation without going over the top, the part that frustrates me is that it does really turn on the senses and sensations so much that one wants a "completion" and as such turns to the penis to finally vent the feelings, this of course is counter productive to the whole idea!!! I dont think diet is the critical mass, if one is healthy and not grossly overweight it will just take its own sweet time and each individuals concentrated effort.
    sometimes reading the forum can fill ones mind with too many things to think about during a session, i.e. am I concentrating??, am I over contracting?? am I feeling my penis?? etc etc..
    Good luck to all.

  • Originally Posted By: geezer
    Sometimes reading the forum can fill ones mind with too many things to think about during a session, i.e. am I concentrating??, am I over contracting??

    I totally agree with you on this. I too believe I am *thinking* too much about what to do. Then after an hour or hour-and-a-half, I get impatient and *make* something happen, i.e., ejaculate. The whole thing is still enjoyable though... and I have no intention of giving up.
  • rorymusclerorymuscle
    Posts: 74
    (this post was edited 2005-06-28 18:05:22)

    Hiya, Tom,

    I can understand exactly what you mean about almost getting there and not quite getting over the "brow of the hill".

    I've been very lucky in that I took to the Aneros straightaway and was enjoying Super Os just about the first time I used it. However, I put this down to having experienced multiple orgasms before by stimulating my nipples. This took a good few months to perfect, but I got there. The Aneros to me was a major enhancement in this area of my erotic journey.

    I think there is only one thing stopping you enjoying yourself fully (in my opinion) and that's yourself. It sounds a bit cliched, I know, but I doubt it's your diet or anything like that. I would say it's what's going on between your ears that's stopping you from progressing further.

    I think perhaps the first thing you could do is stop waiting for the Super O to happen. By waiting anxiously, you're putting pressure on yourself and comparing your experience to that of others, which may be similar, but will still be unique to you. By thinking, "I'm almost there - is this it! Oh, not quite, just a little bit more...", you're putting expectation on the experience and throwing cold water over it.

    The only expectation you can have of the experience is that it will feel good. The rest doesn't warrant description really because there are not words that can truly describe what it is you are feeling. And anyway, it's best to feel it rather than describe it, huh? As a friend of mine always said, "Don't fight it, feel it."

    I heard a saying which has helped me in my quest for further erotic experiences: "There is no limit to the amount of pleasure you can feel." I believe that to be true.

    Part of the problem I had at first is I thought I was going to burst because the feelings and waves of pleasure were almost too much. I guess there was a dose of fear in there somewhere - fear of the uknown, fear I might hurt myself, fear I would yell too loudly and wake the neighbours.

    When I heard that saying, I decided to put it to the test and see how much further I could go. I went even further along the pleasure continuum, and realise there's still a whole mountain to climb!

    What is so odd about the Aneros, and so wonderful too, is that there does not seem to be a fixed build-up and then orgasm and release feeling. It's a build-up, sticking at "Base Camp Buildup", and then moving on from there. The closest feeling to me is like jumping into a lovely warm pool when there is a pleasant shock of the water around you, but that you're being supported and caressed at the same time, but that I'm then jumping into another pool that is warmer and caresses me more, etc etc.

    Perhaps in your next session, just let your body teach you and show you what it can do. Do not pass judgment on it, just experience it. Don't describe your feelings, just acknowledge them and be thankful and wonder at every tingle and flutter. Then if you like it, you can go back there. If not, you don't have to!

    I do think as humans we tend to over intellectualize everything. My experience with the Aneros is to just let it happen to without let or hinderance. You're hard-wired to experience these wonderful and life-changing sensations. You just have to let your subconscious (or whatever you want to call it) show you by giving it permission to do so.

    Best of luck, Tom. Let us know how you get on, or please e-mail with your experiences!

  • Tom LTom L
    Posts: 24
    Hey everyone,
    Thanks for the replies. I just finished reading over the post that was done by Zaneblue ,Pan and B Mayfield. I guess I should have read their post first before starting mine. They will never cease to amaze me with their knowledge and insight.
    I think that I just might give the fishoil a try. I can surely say that my intake of omega-3 fatty acid is unmeasureable, and I am very curious to see if this will have any effect on my experiences. At this point I will make myself the science experiment to take to test the fish oil hypothesis. I will keep you all informed.
    I am in excellent shape and have an extensive daily cardio workout including running, biking, and circuit training. I'm all for anything that helps me stay fit and healthy, and after doing some research on omega-3 fatty acids I cannot believe that I have not realized its benefits before now and added it to my regime already. Even if it does not help with my quest the health benefits alone are well worth adding it to my routine. The FDA has given it their full stamp of approval with the health benefits too numerous to mention.
    Again thanks to all for their insight and suggestions. Tom
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953

    Your posting was great. Thanks for the insite into what works for you. It (along with the other posts) will no doubt help those of us who arent there yet and maybe encourage those who seem to be ready to abandon ship.


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    Originally Posted By: KCsmooth
    I couldn't agree more with this post. I have had the Helix for over a month now and continue to experience pleasure and feelings that I had not thought possible. I'm not worrying about a super "O". If it happens it happens.

    I cant agree with what you say about a super “O”. We can influence on situation. If you have problems in reaching orgasm try Sentia pills. I never had orgasms before taking it. Just special herbs for women which increase sex drive.
  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    Tom - hopefully this will help; i was 'stuck' at the same spot you were for months. id get all these great, euphoric feelings going and they seemed to build and build but would never cross that final little line to super-o land. i even became curious about fish oil and other supps just like you are, thinking they could give me that little extra edge... this is not the solution! for me, i had to really change the way i 'moved towards' super-os. this is difficult to explain but ill do my best; (this is before my 1st super-o) during my sessions, id relax, get charged up etc. and practice deep breathing and 'letting go'. then once the energies started flowing, id naturally start to tense up, breathe a little faster, contract a little harder etc. this would increase the pleasure more and more but never achieve a super-o. basically, i was trying to move up towards the super-o. this was my big mistake; you dont move up to the super-o, you sink down into it. you have to get yourself down to a super low frequency for it to hit. i believe that your best tool for achieving this is your breathing. on all of my successful sessions, by the time the super-o hits, im taking huge, deep breaths, as if im filling a balloon in my belly, but very slow at the same time (on the exhale, its almost like sighing). this is where its important to loose your 'traditional orgasm' habits. the pleasure really comes from your breathing and imagination. hopefully this info is useful to you and if you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask.