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Just Bought MGX
  • taylerwtaylerw
    Posts: 1
    I just purchases the MGX. Wasn't sure if the SGX would better. See how it works. My concern was about the lenght and not diamater. What happens if I use th MGX and my prostate is not that deep? In any case, I used it today with sufficient lube. The session went about 45 minutes. After reading forum/bee-line, followed many advise. No Super O. Felt great though. Can someone tell me if what I felt during the session is the start of the process of achieving the O. I felt my inside tickle a few times... it was pushing against my prostate, but not sure if the tip of the MGX was concentrated on the right spot or sweet spot. During my breathing exercise with my contractions, I could not release smoothly, meaning that it was more jerky. When I contract, there were times the tingling sensation was felt through the shaft of my penis. It was minor, but non the less it was something. At times, I felt my heart beat pulsating with my anus. This happened only twice for a few seconds and was very minor. Right after that, I felt my sphincter muscle twitch very slightly, but did not feel any special sensations near my prostate or that of a traditional orgasm. Are any of these signs the start of something.