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Overnight Orgasm Part II
  • nychottnychott
    Posts: 12
    Haven't been on in a while. Last night was 'THE NIGHT'...the Super 'O'. As always, I went to sleep with the Aneros inserted and lubed. I made sure that I applied extra lube and that I was focused. I kept on thinking of old erotic times I've had and was really all horned up. I was experiencing incredible feelings thoughout my entire body for many, many hours until I began experiencing amazing tingling in my toes, up my legs, my shaft, fingers, etc. I must say it was an extremely messy ejaculation but I can't wait until this evening. I've been thinking of possibly getting a group of in shape guys and girls if they're interested in watching and experiencing this as a group. Anyway, I will be back in the morning and let you know how it goes.