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A New-User's Progress Report
  • Being intrigued with the \"Super-O\" concept, I purchased the Aneros over a week ago and have had four sessions with it thus far, using the instructions and exploring many of the tips and techniques suggested by users on this forum (Many Thanks!)

    So far, I have tickled the Super-O, but have not quite crossed the threshold. I have no doubt that obsticles are almost entirely mental, but physically here's what I have experienced so far...

    Session 1: Feeling a bit akward, not by taboos persey, but just to the concept of that area being a pleasure source. My wife is very encouraging and left me alone with some candles and fun movies. The device feels slightly uncomfortable at first, but soon \"disappeared\" with relaxation and contraction exercises - but I was very tired and scattered and not in the right mindset to experiment. After almost an hour I got bored and masturbated traditionally but the climax was odd - I wasn't even fully erect and experienced something like a bodywide muscle spasm that lasted a long time with very little ejaculate. Not terribly satisfying but left me curious.

    Sessions 2 & 3: These times shared with my wife. Each time I got to the point of some regional quivering. Felt strange that I almost never get an erection while using the Aneros exclusively. After achieving some involuntary quivering during both of these episodes I would lose patience and finish off manually, but this time allowing more time for further arousal (with my wonderful wife, this isn't difficult) and both times the orgasm is quite powerful, although I believe for me the Aneros interferes with some of the traditional sensations. Most significantly is that the payload both instances was HUGE - and left a huge mess!

    This last session today was a bit of a breakthrough. I was well rested and endeavored to take my time and focus on the sensations without fixating on why or how they were coming and going. This time I definately experienced the involuntary spasms - located around the perenium and rhythmic, not the random quivering. I wasn't able to get beyond that point, but I know I'm close. Because my time window was running out I again finished manually, but this time climaxed with another full-body spasm that included almost NO ejaculate, just a tiny translucent dribble. I know I haven't yet experienced the \"super-O\" but am close and am experiencing things unique to using the Aneros. It reminds me of a traditional climax, when you get to the point of no return and stop just a fraction of a second too soon and end up kind of... Sputtering out, like ejaculating with the world's whimpiest orgasm. Very unsatisfying when you know it should've been a LOT better...

    Anyway, my observations are as follows... *So far* I do not experience any direct physical pleasure from using the Aneros. I have a few times experienced a nice rush, like endorphins or something. The little P-spot tab is a bit irritating so I modified it by placing a little makeup cap that fit the Aneros snugly. It's nice because it's slightly rounded and broadens the contact point and remains (I think) in the sweet spot and the pressure remains good. The strange, penile induced muscle-spasm-like orgasms are interesting and I know I'm on the right track, but they are unsatisfying. The traditional orgasms with the impressive range and payload are pretty sexy - at least my wife thinks so. Despite the powerful ejaculations, the sensations are not what I would consider Earth-moving for a traditional orgasm.

    I mostly just wanted to rant a bit of my experiences to those who are (or have been) in the same boat. Any feedback, suggestions or encouragement is appreciated! Thanks, all!!!