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New to the Aneros
  • ZjackZjack
    Posts: 1
    I'd like to try and outline my experience with the Aneros as best I can, and perhaps someone with more experience can help me out...

    Basically, the Aneros (MGX) doesn't do it for me. Most likely reason: I'm doing something wrong. I'm an average guy, 5"8, 160 pounds, so I figure that the Aneros should do a decent job hitting the prostate, but I'm not really feeling anything down there. I know I've got the right direction, but it just feels like I'm missing the prostate. I don't feel any real pressure from the knob that lies between the scrotum and the anus. The aneros is fully inserted however, and I understand that the natural clenching and relaxing of the spchinter should do the job itself.
    I have done my reading, and I undesrtand that this isn't simply an out-of-the-box miracle sextoy. I'm wondering if my first toy should have been the Helix perhaps, as some forum research is suggesting that it is a superior model, or perhaps the larger model would rub against the prostate. I am tentative to try and adjust the aneros from the outside to better position it, as it supposedly positions itself perfectly.

    One other peculiar feeling I want to mention is that the curly handle at the rear end of the aneros is distracting my contractions...
    I look forward to your insight.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    I am in the same boat here myself exactly! also if i just come with it in i stops the pleasureable orgasm.
  • BeefJerkyBeefJerky
    Posts: 1
    I am pretty new to the Aneros myself. I started about 2 months ago.

    My advice would be to experiment with different body positions. I have only found one body postition where I have orgasms. I am laying on my side, and my upper body has to be rotated at just the right angle. In other positions, I get some pleasant sensation, but there are no orgasms. From reading the forum, it looks like a lot of guys have just one or maybe two body positions that work. It is different for everyone, so you will have to find it for yourself. I managed to stumble onto some orgasms early on, and then was frustrated for a while when I couldn't get them again. Now that I know how to position my body, it is pretty easy to get back there.

    Another thing you could try is the different kinds of contractions mentioned in recent threads. I think I am too new at this to be able to differentiate between anal and rectal contractions, but I have started using the kegel contractions in addition to the anal ones. Doing kegel contractions while I hold an anal contraction feels pretty good. I do have to have my body positioned so the Aneros is hiiting the prostate just right when I do this.