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success with Helix
  • cc
    Posts: 3
    Well, after 2 years and three models of Aneros, I finally did it. I used 3 ml of AstroGlide and made sure I was good and horny from a fair amount of porn. Then I laid down on a couch I have in my office at home. I moved my laptop over, phone(s) and had everything there so I wouldn't have to get up to get the phone. I had some computer issues and was on hold for a tech support rep for the better part of 40 minutes. The whole time I surfed porn with the aneros in. My knees were bent, I was laying on my side with a blanket over me. Comfortable and relaxed. I never made ANY CONTRACTIONS! None. Just laid there.

    Then the rep came on the phone and we started working through my issues with their software. The first thing I noticed was a swelling in my lower abdomin. I have never had this before with any other models. It just felt different right away. I took my fingertips and lightly massaged this part of my lower abdomen and felt immediate presure on my prostate. \\\"This was weird\\\" I thought. This area was between the belly button and the top of my pubic hair. Just lightly stroked it. My penis was flacid and soft. A little precum, but that was normal.

    I laid like this for a while talking to this lady (from India!!) and took nice big even breaths. Now listen up....this is important. Everytime I exhaled I concentrated and expelling every ounce of air. I pulled my abdominal muscles in (like when you suck your gut in to look thin) and exhaled. At every exhale I noticed a little more preasure on my prostate. NO CONTRACTIONS!!!!! More breathing, and relaxing and trying to get my software program working.

    Then my other phone rang and I had to reach accross the floor a few feet to answer it. As I was reaching and stretched I began to feel it. I had to pee. The feeling went away. I know this is the beginning, but I swore it was pee. I had a towel down, and didn't \\\"chase\\\" the feeling. I just let it go and somewhat ignored it. The she asked me to hit my F8 key. Again I had to reach a little and it came around again only stronger. I concentrated on my prostate and imagined it being massaged. NO CONTRACTIONS!!!! I TRIED DESPERATELY TO NOT MAKE MY ANUS CONTRACT!!!

    Then this urination urge came again and I followed it. I mean I said to myself, alright if I'm going to pee, I'm going to make a huge mess of things then I'm going to write every one on the forumn and tell them it's all a scam. Well, I never urinted...the sensation changed to that of the sensation you get just before you cum. They came around without me even thinking about it. I had to tell this lady on the phone to hold so I could put the phone down and bite my lip! Every wave that came was followed by precum that oozed out. What a great feeling!!!

    I never went into convulsions and never started shaking. But I did have a wave that I swore was going to end up in a liquid mess of some kind. I have to say, everytime it came around, it unsettled me a little and I think that's what chased it away. The feeling is so strong to expell SOMETHING, that it freaked me out and it went away. It never \\\"pumped\\\" me like others on this forum have claimed.

    the problem with this device is that everyone is built differently. Some get instant success with one model while others (like me) take years and several models before they get there.

    Thank you everyone.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Dear C,

    I am standing and applauding you. What a great story! I was smiling thinking about that Indian women sitting there on hold while you were going through all of this.

    Congratulations on your breakthrough. Let us know how the next one goes. Hopefully you wont be on the phone this time.