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My 2nd Big “O”… but AFTER THE FACT?
  • biddlemabiddlema
    Posts: 30
    It finally happened! I finally had my second Big “O”! It was a little weird and very unexpected though - it actually occurred after I used my Helix and not during. Let me start at the beginning.

    Last night I decided to use my Helix. I was going to modify it, as some of you may have read in my previous post, but I didn’t. Different story! Anyway, I decided to use it again, since I usually get very good involuntaries.

    I followed my standard operating procedures and used my favorite, and usually most effective position (on my side one leg bent) - nothing special or out of the ordinary. I had the same gentle prostate sensations at the beginning, as always. I focused on them, just enjoying them as they slowly increased in intensity. Then the involuntaries started! Damn, I love them!

    This time I also had the penile sensations (almost like you have to pee), you get when you find the sweet spot (perineum pressure point). The same ones I had when I had my Big “O.” Wow! They were so intense. They kept building and building! My cock was getting so hard, it was straining. This was it! I knew I was going to have another Big “O.” I waited and waited! Damn it felt so good…like I was going to cum any minute. Straining and straining! Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer and I tried to help it along.

    The sensations grew in intensity, but I couldn’t swing over. Damn I was moaning and whining like a little puppy. Jesus, just let me make it over. I couldn’t get there, so I just tried to relax again.

    But, the damn involuntaries just wouldn’t quit! Holy shit…I know I’m going to cum any second. My cock continued to strain and strain! Damn, I know it’s going to happen! I tried to just relax and let it happen. Damn, I’m going to explode! I couldn’t help it I tried to help it over again! Same thing! More intense, but no Super “O.” Holy Shit! I tried to relax again! I really wanted to have another Super “O.” I just needed to be patient and let it happen.

    Jesus! The involuntaries continued, and my cock just kept straining. If I did cum, I think I would have blown the sheets right off the bed. My body was shaking, and still the involuntaries just kept coming. Holy Shit! My cock was straining so hard it was actually starting to become a little uncomfortable. I must have had enough pre-cum to fill a teacup, and still the involuntaries just kept going and going, like the Energizer Bunny. But I still couldn’t make it over the freakin top.

    Fifty-six minutes! I had these involuntaries, holding me at the brink of orgasm for 56 F…ing minutes! Oh my God! Try to imagine having sex and being at the highest point of sexual pleasure, just before you actually ejaculate, and staying there for almost an hour. It was the most intense sexual experience of my life! I thought my cock was going to explode! I had to quit! The constant straining was actually becoming even more uncomfortable. I couldn’t take it any more. I thought I’d better take a break and try again later.

    When I reached back and took the Aneros Energizer Bunny (EB) (aka Helix) out, I actually started to have a traditional orgasm; the initial pulses anyway. I was sure I was going to cum all over the sheets. Damn, I was so excited! Even after I removed the Aneros EB, the internal anal spasms and sensations continued. I was finding it very difficult to relax, so I decided to read for a while and get my mind off it.

    I lay on my stomach (and cock) hoping to help calm things down, and tried to read. I only made it through the first two and half pages when the spasms became so noticeable, I had to stop. The hell with it!

    I decided to just relax and enjoy them for a while longer, rather then fight them. I couldn’t believe how good they felt, even without the Aneros EB. Then it happened! Not like last time though. This time they just snuck up on me.

    I started to notice that the spasms were slower paced, longer, stronger and much deeper. Then I felt the waves of passion passing through me. Oh my God! I was having a Big “O.” It was incredible! It felt like the Aneros EB was still inside me. It lasted for a couple of minutes then passed. I actually reached back to make sure the Aneros wasn’t there! Wow!

    I started reading again and didn’t even get through the paragraph, before I noticed them again. It was amazing! Not as intense as the last one, but still very enjoyable. I put the book away and just continued to lie there, enjoying the sensations.

    I fell asleep while enjoying them!

    Let me tell you, I am feeling great this morning! TOP of the WORLD!

    Holy Shit! Don’t be in a hurry to put away or modify your Helix, or as I now refer to it, the “Aneros EB!” I would give it some time. Lots of time! I’m not sure how much I can take, but I can’t wait to try again this weekend!


  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey Woody,

    Good for you! I love to hear those success stories. It keeps me going with the whole process. Good luck this weekend.