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  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    Recently HIH sent me a sample of the new Eupho to try out. Thanks HIH! So I thought I'd write up my experiences so far.

    For reminders, I'm a 50 year old straight male, very fit and not overweight. About 5 feet 11. Still no super O but some very very very very intense sessions, climbing the mountain so to speak :)

    The Eupho completes my collection of Aneros inserts. YAY! :) It also is the one I've enjoyed the most so far... It's a tie between the Eupho and the Helix, actually.

    What's good about the Eupho: it is totally smooth and very thin, thus its not giving me this feeling of needing to vacate or of having something HUGE stuck back there. The smooth tapered base also makes my sphincter muscles really struggle against my PC muscles, trying to keep the insert inside. The result is some very intense movement in and out, while my muscles fight it out against each other. I find it extremely hard to just lay still with the Eupho inside, my body wants to move around to guide the head of the Eupho to hit the most sensitive and pleasurable spots. I also find it very hard to just let go and let my body do what it will, I feel compelled to assist by contracting my sphincter muscles. But if you let it just tease your involuntary muscles then you'll be rewarded with some incredibly intense sensations.

    The Eupho is a bit too long for me, so even at the most intense part of the session its not entirely inside me. This makes my sphincter muscles REALLY work hard to keep it in place. I tried to do the on-your-knees-with-upper-body-resting-on-bed position and it flew out a couple of times! Only way to keep it in reliably is to wear underwear :) The Eupho also hits pretty hard on some internal muscles above the prostate so its not possible for me to use it every day. I've been alternating between it and the SGX.

    I can't yet say a final verdict on the Eupho except that so far the experience has been fantastic. I'm hoping that it'll finally help me reach the super-O stage :)