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If you can't get it to work try this!
  • Here is some help for anyone who is frustrated or believes this is fake. I had tried all the suggestions on the forum without results. So here is what has worked for me. Grab your dick and stroke it up and down and get as turned on as you can without ejaculating. Once you are very turned on your prostate will begin to swell and become sensitive. Then insert your aneros. Because you'll be very turned on the Aneros will feel wonderful. Begin to squeeze it in and out. You'll begin to get the feelings that you have read about. As you do it is important to transfer the pleasure from your penis to your prostate. You do this by slowling down your penile stimulation and increasing your aneros contractions. Finally I stop moving my hand and continue on to aneros super Os. THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT HAS WORKED FOR ME. Boy has it worked. I have had multiple, multiple organsms, some lasting longer than 4 minutes. I always have my hand on my penis. I stop moving it but it is always there holding it. I find if I stop holding it I lose focus and excitment. I know this goes against what others have written but if you can't find your super O's then try this. More to come...
  • Here are some tips that can make this much better. Remember to be well hydrated. L-arginine is a major component of sperm. If you take supplements of L-arginine, Orthinine and Lysine it will product HGH and increase you sperm count, sexual desire. You can read about this on the web or in a herb, nutritional book. Ginseng can help as well has vitamin C which can make your sperm more liquid, however Vitamin C blocks Ginseng abosorption so take them more than 2 hours apart. If you smoke stop. Burning more than 400 calories a day will increase your sex drive and you'll notice better sessions with the Aneros. Lifting light weights with your legs or exercising your legs is very important as they are the major muscles in your body.
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    If you have used viagra before you should try the aneros. Through regular use you probably won't need viagra anymore.