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Getting closer, could use some insight.
  • fcottonfcotton
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    I have been using the Aneros for about 4 months and do seem to be inching towards the big O. I have followed some of the more recent advice from this board and it has been helpful. Thank you all. Mostly, I have been using the do nothing method with much increased session times. Those are related, as previously, I was tiring after a couple of hours. Also, I have recently adjusted the tab on my Helix and have been warming up (after insertion) with at least an hour on porn.

    As the session winds on, I've been getting a fair amount of involuntary movement. I experience the much described phenomena of the Helix driving itself in very deeply. I am looking for advice on how to proceed. The two possible responses that seem promising are to either intentionally relax my sphincter muscle and generate continued motion or to try to build on the very small pulsating which exists when the Aneros is jammed in my rear.

    Thanks for your help answering this question or with any other advice.
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    Justbe patient, dont force any contractions and they will start all by themselves, then the fun really begins, it does take a while but being patient really pays off, so, relax, enjoy and it will happen.
  • Put it in like the directions say, isolate your thoughts on the feeling of the massager massaging your prostate, think of the purpose and what its in there to do. When you get comfortable, lay on your back and start to slowly arch your back while slowly pumping the device in and out.... slowly then faster repeat until you get a rythim, dont concentrate to hard, let the feeling of the ridges at the bottom of the massager tickle and toy with your sphincter muscle, then think of the top of the massager and what its doing to your prostate. As you continue to think of the massager and the ridges, think of the prostate and the massager then think of the pressure of the foot of the massager on your peri-anal area, the pressure its applying. Then put all those thoughts together and let it do its wonderful thing. Let it do the work! all you have to do is think of the feelings its giving you, try turning out the lights, I found them to be a distraction, oh take deep breaths when the pumping starts to get intense. Hope it helps.
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    Try looking at my post I think it'll get you where you want to be quickly.