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The First of Many Doors
  • I recieved my MGX in the mail and immediately went to the bathroom to shower and clean the aneros. Back in my bedroom I began to perform the instruction I had read over and over again while waiting for delivery. Inserting the aneros I laid on my side with my knee bent up to my chest. It didnt take log for me to relax and let the aneros do whatever it wanted. I laid there a little over 90 minutes before my schedule wouldnt allow me to anymore. I was surprised at the amount of precum that had dribble from me. It was what I expected but I wanted more.
    Other parts of my experience were a very sensative penis of which I never touched once. I squeezed my pc muscles a lot valuntarily and invaluntarily. My PC muscles got fatigued really fast with aneros and Im not stranger to kegel exercises. (repetitious squeezing of the PC muscles) I had always done them to gain greater control of my PC muscles which are also the ejaculatory muscles for males. After a hundred squeezes I was tired but the excitment of my first experience with the aneros kept me awake. My insides in my pelvic area were turned inside out in that 90 minutes. Im sure there will be more at least once a day for long time to come. Please if anyone can tell me what I can do to find my super O. Patience is no long the problem for me becasue I like studying what is happening with my body when I experience new things. So trust me Im not in a rush, but more information is appreciated.
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    Good luck. I have had my MGX a little over three weeks, and I now start having reargasms within four minutes. Last night around seven (it's hard to keep count) within thirty minutes.