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New Position/techique.
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    had a great session this morning. I can't claim complete credit for this idea, since someone else suggested it on another thread, but after trying my two favorite positions, lying on my right side with left knee bent, and kneeling near my bed, I tried a different position, standing in the bathroom, with my legs spread wide apart. I then tried forcing out the Aneros, as if I were defecating, but keeping my finger in the curly cue loop , loosely, just to keep the Aneros from falling on the floor. I forced it out maybe and inch to an inch and a half, not pulling, letting my rectal muscles do all the work, then let my anal muscles suck the thing back in.. It led to some very intense waves, and having my legs so far apart gave me some very interesting and pleasurable muscle spasms throughout my body. I tried the same thing a few minutes later, and it got even more intnese.