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Shortcut to Super O
  • sksk
    Posts: 1
    I believe I've found a shortcut to reach a super O. But before you say "how do you know it was a super O?" I imagine its like a girl saying to another girl "You know you've had an orgasm when you've had one"

    For me this orgasm was mind blowing, full on for over a minute, intense and full body shaking. Anyway here goes....

    I'd been using my aneros for about a dozen sessions, yes it felt nice and sort of orgasms but I never really was imprssed by it. I followed the instructions and had lengthy sessions but to no avail. Then the second last session I had I decided to use my hand to finish myself off with the aneros still in. Just as I felt myself getting close to a normal manual orgasm I decided to see if I could finish it off just using the butt clenching techniques, I felt the cum comming and the orgasm building then suddenly it was like nothing I had ever experienced, mind blowing, over a minute long orgasm and it could have possibly gone longer but I couldn't take it no more.

    A week later, to prove to myself it wasn't a fluke I tried to re-create it. I inserted the aneros and had about 5mins of relaxation and clenching. Then I wanked myself off with the aneros in, just as I got close to orgasm, I stopped the hand movements and started clenching, about 2 mins of clenching and there the same super O as beefore.

    A few points, I did ejaculate during this super O, not sure if others normally ejaculate during Super O?. and if people say this isn't a super O, I think I couldn't imagine a more intense and prolonged experience than this happening.

    Any thoughts?, and if you are getting fustrated trying to reach a super O, try this and let me know what you think.
  • biddlemabiddlema
    Posts: 30
    Hi sk,

    Based on the explanations and discussions in this forum, I would have to say that you probably didn't have the Super "O" that's described here. However, if you felt it was the best orgasm you ever had, it probably was super to you, and therefore is a Super "O."

    I think it's great that we all have found, and continue to find, new and different ways to bring ourselves more and more pleasure using Aneros. I think your orgasm technique sounds wonderful! I will probably give it try!

    Have fun, and continue to try new techniques.