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  • yomommayomomma
    Posts: 1

    I just got the aneros about two weeks ago and have used it regularly. I must admit that the sensations it gives me are wonderful, but I don't no how to build on them. I have had involuntary muscle spasms where my dick jumps about to and fro and these have been interesting, but can't say pleasurable. The most pleasure I have had is when my anus starts tingling--kind of like the feeling when you roll in snow and then jump in the hot tub. My problem is I don't know how to build upon these feelings. I have done everything correctly I think, breathing etc. I find that when I breath out the feelings seem to go away and when I breath in they return, is this normal? I also very rarely do any rectal contractions and was wondering if they may be called for. I think I am to the point where I can start building upon these sensations if I got the right contration combinations down (i.e., anal, rectal, etc). Could someone please share thier formula for success and be very specific. Again, I am getting very great feelings, just want to build them to reach an orgasmic state. Also, just FYI I have a congenital narrowing of my bladder tube which makes it difficult to urinate with force. Since using the Aneros, my urine streams have been very strong and I feel better.
  • biddlemabiddlema
    Posts: 30
    Hi Newbie,

    Been there...done that!

    It seems from reading this forum, that there is more than one formula for achieving some great orgasms (Super "O" if you want). I think these intense orgasms are as close as any man will ever get to the orgasms a women has. Anyway, this doesn't answer your question.

    Assuming you have already properly cleaned yourself. "An anal syringe works nicely."

    First, lets get properly prepared.
    I use K-Y Jelly, but any of the lubricants mentioned in this forum will work (some seem to prefer vaseline). I place a drop about the size of a small jelly bean on my index finger and then rub it around the outside and into my anus; until my finger slides in and out easily. Then I get my small syringe and fill it about one third the way full with lube (anything you have that you can use to put a 'small' amount of lube inside your rectum will work). I slide the syringe in until I'm just past the inner set of muscles and squeeze some out (maybe half). Then as I slowly withdraw the syringe I continue to squeeze some out, coating the whole insertion area real well. No...theres more! Then I place another jelly bean sized drop on the tip of the aneros itself.
    Okay, now I'm ready to launch!

    Okay, lets talk position.
    I wasn't able to achieve any of the orgasms mentioned in this forum, until I tried laying on my side (which was recommended by somebody in the forum). It's more of an on the stomach/on the side anyway. My right side works best, for some reason. I lay on my right side with my left leg over my right. Then I bring my left leg up bending at the knee so that my left foot is on my right knee. I also move my cock so that I'm not laying on it and its free to grow.

    Ready to launch!
    I place Aneros against my anus and push gently. Once it gets about halfway (approximately) in I just let it slide in the rest of the way on its own. WOW! Okay! Feeling pretty good now!

    Don't try to do anything! Concentrate on the sensations inside you (specifically your prostate). The sensations that you feel around your untouched cock. DON'T focus on your anus or the Aneros in it!
    Try not to do anything, and let your body take over. LET IT GO!! Be patient!
    At some point you will or should feel the aneros being drawn in by itself. Let it go! Ignore it...focus on the feelings it's causing inside. should feel your cock getting harder. Stay with that...! It will continue to get harder and harder as you focus on it...and OH OH OH. Hopefully!!

    Some guys even report having orgasms after they fall asleep with Aneros in. Relaxing is the key! If you try to control it, it probably isn't going to work.

    I think the exercises help you to get used to having Aneros inside, and tire your muscles out, which helps you relax. If you need too, work Aneros in and out until your muscles get tired. Then go back and try to relax!

    The control that many of the veterans talk about in this forum, is very subtle. Once you have learned how to let can learn to gently guide things in the right drection. But even most of them will tell you, it is difficult at times, and doesn't always give the expected results.

    Don't get discouraged!

    Another thing that seems to help, is porno movies! It helps distract you from the Aneros itself, and helps you focus on your cock and the sensations that your having inside. Pictures, or having your wife play with herself while you watch will probably work too. Assuming your wife playing with herself excites you!

    Anything to get you distracted and excited!

    Well I hope this helps! This method works really well for me! But it did take a while to learn.

    Also, very important, it doesn't work for me every time either! I find it more difficult to achieve; after I've had several dry orgasms; had sex and came, or masturbated and came. It sometimes takes a day or two to achieve them again. Also, anal condition (e.g., hemorrhoids, fissures) and anal/rectal cleanliness have a big impact.

    If you want you can e-mail me at [email][/email]. Apparently, the hotmail account isn't working anymore.

    Good Luck!