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Session Two
  • RogerRoger
    Posts: 23
    My second time around with he Helix was both encouraging and quite different. This time I started feeling the urge to begin my light contractions after only ten minutes or so. I experienced some nice involuntaries pretty rapidly, but they didn't really go anywhere. I think I was trying too hard and wasn't relaxed enough.

    After about an hour or so, I was getting a little tired, but decided to keep the Helix in and simply relax in my sleeping position not trying to do anything. After a while, I'm not sure exactly how long, I started to feel a very warm and soothing sensation in my rectum that spread through out my stomache. When I tried any contractions, this feeling would diminish, so I just let it develop. After a few more minutes, I felt the Helix getting pulled more deeply into me and moving around slowly. I tried to work with this and focus on the sensations. The warm feeling grew and a feeling almost like pain, but not, appeared around my prostate. I relaxed and went with this. The warm sensation became overlayed with a flutter and the Helix seemed to go deeper all by itself and completely fill me up. At this point I started experiencing some involuntaries, but they quickly changed to soemthing new. It felt like they moved from my anus down into my rectum -- like my whole rectum was contracting around the Aneros. This was very pleasant and seemed to be increasing and exapanding the warm feeling and the flutter. I tried to encourage this, but I think I tried too hard and I lost it. I was too tired to try anymore and finished myself off and had a great sleep.

    This whole experience was less intense than the first time, but, somehow, more profound and reassuring, if that makes any sense. Its very strange, and a lot of fun, to discover new sensations at the age of 43. It's like I've discovered whole new parts of my body whose existance I'd only just glimpsed up til now.