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  • RogerRoger
    Posts: 23
    I just had my first session with the an Aneros massager, the Helix, and it was very, very interesting and fun. No Super-O this time, but I believe I was well on my way.

    The session lasted about 2 hours and I experienced three 'episodes' of elevated heart-rate, trembling in my anus and extremties, strong, pulsing erections and a real nice building of pleasure in my abdomen. I experience these in three different positions, back, left side, and semi-stomach. The last episode on my stomach was definitely the strongest. I had already been at it for a while and was quite happy with my experience up to that point. I didn't expect things to happen my first time out. I decided to leave the Helix in and just relax in my sleeping position, which is about 3/4 on my stomache. I just relaxed and breathed deeply for several minutes and then started some mild contractions when it felt natural. In this position, I could really feel the Helix all over my rectum. It felt like it had become quite large and completely filled me. I kept up with mild contractions and some small hip movements working on building the pleasurable feelings. I started getting some weak involuntaries, which I encouraged with gentle, sustained anal pressure. The involutaries built until the twitches turned into pulses and the Helix seemed to 'come alive' and really move of its own accord inside me--a very unique sensation. At the same time I could feel the abutment tab pressing firmly on my sweet spot and a really pleasant pressure and tingling building in my lower stomache. The shaking started and my breathing got shallow and rapid, but I managed to stay focused and mostly relaxed and simply encouraged thes feelings and the pulses to grow by adding a little pressure. I remembered B Mayfield's analogy of the swing and it helped a lot. After a few minutes, I think, the feelings were growing. My penis was very hard and pulsing along with Helix and the tension in my stomache just grew and grew in waves. But then I started to get distracted and kind of step outside of myself and the pulsing stopped and the feelings diminished. In all honesty I think I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this and just wasn't ready to go any further, but I know that if I had, something more wonderful was waiting for me.

    The things that really helped me get to this point my first time out were:

    1. Taking the time to read all the great information on the forum.

    2. Relaxing.

    3. Following the pleasurable feelings with gentleness.

    4. Not having an agenda or a plan. I didn't follow any fixed instructions, although I had read them. I was just exploring.

    5. Making sure the abutment tab was placed properly.

    One other thing I do that I haven't seen here is that when I do my abdominal breathing I touch the tip of my tongue to the roof of my mouth. I learned this studying Tai Chi. It is supposed to allow the Chi to flow fully through your body. It may be that it just helps me relax and focus, but I thought I'd mention it.

    Although I didn't experience a Super-O this time, I know I will when I'm ready, hopefully one day soon. Thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences on this forum. All that advise really helped start me in the right direction.
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    Congratulations on a very successful first outing.
  • RogerRoger
    Posts: 23

    Originally Posted By: hula
    Congratulations on a very successful first outing.


    Thank you. I wish you luck on your next outing.