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some encouragement perhaps
  • This is my first post having enjoyed reading the forum for some 6 months.Can I just say thanks to B mayfield for the wealth of information he has contributed and also to fleshjoe whose journey I have followed with interest as well as to all the others who have taken time to post here.So onto my journey and believe me it has been a journey for the past 5 months there have ben highs,lows and periods of frustration as well as moments of great joy and pleasure.I purchased my aneros mgx in September of 2004 having spent months trying to find a online retailer who could deliver next working day(didnt want it falling into the hands of neighbours or the wife).Anyway I digress,it finally arrived to my great excitement and I lubed up and popped it in and the initial sensations where interesting. Over the next few weeks I made steady progress managing to get to a stage of experiencing greatly pleasurable sensations however this is when I appeared to come to the dreaded brick wall reinforced with barbed, wire sentries, lookout post, the lot.In all my following sessions I got to the same point I then started to wonder was this the super o ?.It was great but not that super.I started to resign myself to the fact that I had reached the pinnacle of what was the aneros experience and was starting to agree with some of the users who where becoming disillusioned with the aneros.Those people are the whole reason I am writing this post I urge them to dust off the little white unimpressive looking implement called aneros bring it out of the cupboard where it is probably lurking unused and continue on their journeys.One morning I popped the aneros in having discarded thoughts of super o s with the only intention being to have a little fun,I did not follow and predetermined number of contractions or techniques but instead just lay there enjoying the sensations THEN IT HAPPENED BIG TIME .Now I mean big time, all of a sudden out of nowhere a huge spasm of involuntaries hit me my whole body spasmed my abdominals clenched tighter than I have ever known and wave upon wave of ogasmic pleasure shook me for about a minute.When it subsided I lay there and my only thought was AM I GLAD I DIDNT THROW IT AWAY.About a minute later the same thing happened ,I had about 12 orgasms all dry but I was rock hard throughout them all,I stopped after an hour as I was exhausted but extremely satisfied in a way far more fullfilling than any penile orgasm I have ever had(now I have been into electrostim for some years and those orgasms are ten fold the intensity of normal ones but the ANEROS WAS BETTER).Over the next week I had several of these unbelievable session THEN IT STOPPED.
    I just got up one morning and they stopped they never wrote or phoned to tell me why they went away they just did.I spent months trying to find them ,searched every part of me ,using every technique I had read about to no avail having tasted the forbidden fruit is ten times worse than never ever having a bite,if you have had a super o I guarantee YOU WILL WANT ANOTHER ONE.I continued my journey but started from scratch and once again put aside my preconcieved methods ideas and theories and once more listned to my body 2 months of doing this and i have learned so much and I can now sum it up in a few sentences(thank god say you this must be the longest post ever for which I appologise).1)THERE IS NO SURE WAY TO ACHIEVE A SUPER O BUT THEY DO EXIST PLEASE BELIEVE ME.2)STUDY AND LEARN ALL THE TECHNIQUES YOU CAN FROM THIS FORUM THEN LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND APPLY THEM SLOWLY AND SUBTELY MODIFYING THEM TO SUIT YOU .WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT BUT IN SOME WAYS WE ARE ALL THE SAME.3)TAKE YOUR TIME THE ROAD TO ENLIGHTENMENT IS LONG AND SOMETIMES HARD(just like a super o actually)BUT THE RESULT IS MOST DEFINATELY WORTH IT.For the record I have found my super o again, it was there all along I was just looking in the wrong place .I take nothing for granted but continue this journey of self discovery.I could write for hours on techniques I have tried or sensatons I have experienced(I bet you could I can hear you say),however i will finish this post by saying stick with it brothers for those who have not reached the wholly orgasmic grail it is there and you can and will find it.I intend to become a more active member of this community now that I feel I have something to contribute rather than just speculation(however speculation is great as well).Sorry for the long post but I hope it will help and encourage those who are struggling goodbye for now and good luck
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Being female I can't say I have direct experience with this, but if it's true that these super-O's correspond to women's vaginal orgasms from flexing, I think I can help increase the frequency. I'm a sexual nutritionist, and I'm pretty sure the super-O ability is partly determined by PC muscle strength, free testosterone level and balance of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. The time when you decided to retry the Aneros you probably accidentally had high dopamine levels--high dopamine will improve general libido too. All of this can be manipulated through diet. I posted here a while back, B. Mayfield said he would give my diet a try, don't know if he has. But if you are really into it, and it sounds like you are, you might want to give the diet a try too. Here it is:

    Take daily:

    · fish oil—enough to give 800 mg of DHA -- usually 7,000 mg (that’s seven pills)

    · the RDA of calcium/magnesium/zinc (1000/400/15 mg)

    · a good multivitamin like Centrum

    · extra Vitamin C (a glass of orange juice a day is enough for this step)

    · one ounce high quality dark chocolate like Dove Promises Dark Chocolate or Lindt 70% Dark

    Do not take high-dose fish oil like this if you are on blood-thinning medication like Coumadin or aspirin therapy.

    Try to get protein at every meal, and try to eat more vegetables and fruits and less starchy and sugary foods. Avoid transfats (partially hydrogenated oils) and polyunsaturated vegetable oils like corn oil and safflower oil. Butter, cheese, and other saturated fats are fine, and so are olive oil and canola oil.

    The less caffeine and nicotine consumed, the better the diet will work. Also avoid herbal stimulants such as ginkgo or ginseng. Antidepressants will seriously interfere with the effects of the diet. Of course do not go off of antidepressants to try this diet. However, you may find after taking high dose fish oil for a while that it may help with depression too. Certainly do not change any medication without your doctor’s guidance.