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Back to my trusty MGX
  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    I had a *fantastic* session last night with the MGX. What I did different was that I started rotating my hips a bit, just a TINY little bit maybe 1/2 inch movement, just a *very* light and gentle movement. That rubbed the aneros against my prostate in an incredibly pleasurable way. Pretty soon I was panting like crazy, and flowing lots of precum. It was certainly the most erotic and exciting time I've ever had with aneros, it felt like my butt was about to cum, just needed a little more ... During all of this my penis erected and subsided a couple of times, and even when it was actually flaccid it felt like a huge erection; funny how your body can fool you :)

    But I just couldnt get there, to the super O stage that I know is still out of my reach. So I finished off with a penile orgasm and had a huge volume and strength of ejaculation.

    And the best part, only very slight soreness and no kick-in-the-balls pain. So it was very good.
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    Joe, I tried the condom thing which another user had mentioned and was really surprised at the difference in sensations, maybe it was more movement of the aneros but it was really good, no super o yet but the sensations are mind blowing...guess it takes quite a while to steer the mind away from the penile