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Some Other Factors Preventing Super O's ..... Maybe Som
  • Hi Guys,

    I've had my Aneros for several months now and I have read every posting in the Beeline and this Forum. I think I have stumbled on a few areas that have not been discussed .......... that both interfer or enhance the Super O process.

    First off, the only time I have felt the onset of several small Super O waves was when I fell asleep IN MY RECLINER with my legs elevated. This provided a certain pressure so the tab pressed in more deeply that contractions would normally cause it. I believe the tab pressure on the sweet spot is more important than the prostate being "rubbed".

    Secondly, I was taught as a kid to constrict my anus when jerking off and coming ......... the result being that my muscles down there are really developed .............. because of this I have never been able to fatigue them to bring on the involuntary contractions ......... some of you guys probably have the same situation.

    Thirdly, because I have vacume pumped my balls for several years now, they are really low hangers, and I suspect that some added fleshyness has been added "padding" the sweet spot. I know that I certainly feel more pressure on my sweet spot .... AFTER I have caused my balls to tighten up by approching a traditional orgasm. This could explain why some of the guys here have better luck combining a "hands on" approach instead of a total "hands off" approach.

    I have also come to the conclusion that I am just not prone to be "orgasmic". As an example, I get zero arousal from any kind of "tit" play, and anything else remotely painful is a complete turnoff. I'm not that sensitive externally and that may have a negative effect towards the Super O.

    Now for something, mostly for us Gay guys. The sense of smell is one of the most important and potent stimuli there is. A regular part of many of our scenes involves sweat, the smell of leather, the smell of an uncircumsized dick, etc. There is no question that for me, these increase my arousal and the resulting feelings from the Aneros. I highly recommend that if you are prone to this kind of arousal etc. use it during your sessions !!!!! Once again you uncircumsized guys have a built in advantage IF you are comfortable with this. As I said I don't know about how appropriate this is for straight guys .... who basically are taught they have to smell nice to be attractive sexually to woman.

    Finally, and this is not new info . ........... I have to stop giving in to a traditional ejaculation everytime I use the Aneros and get carried away with all those good feelings. I have masturbated daily since I was a kid and I have to let some "steam build up" to propel me to a Super O. I advocate using the Aneros daily, if you can, but forget about any ejaculation ........... unless it is triggered internally.

    I am trying a few new techniques also, which I will report on when I have some time with them, these are related to another way to easily modify the Aneros (easily reversable), a way to sensitize the sweet spot prior to using the Aneros,and a new position.

    Best wishes, that 2005 is the year we all have the Super O.