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My Aneros Experiences So Far
  • Hello:

    I've had the Aneros for about a year now. My usage has been somewhat off and on. I guess I've averaged using it about once every other week. I'm married and in my 40s. I believe I have a healthy diet and lifestyle. I'm not overweight. My prostate is in good health. My doctor has described my prostate as \\\"small, soft and squishy\\\" and with a PSA of 0.2, so pretty good. My ejaculations are always strong, and with a lot of fluid release. Never have had any incident of prostatitis or anything like it. I also have a very well-developed PC muscle and a strong anal grip. Since I have always enjoyed a little anal play and stimulating my prostate sounded like fun, I got the Aneros. I also think there are definite health benefits from stimulating blood flow to the rectum and prostate.

    My sessions with the Aneros have lasted about 30 to 40 minutes. I use a lot of lubricant, and follow the instructions provided by Aneros. Immediately upon insertion, I get involuntaries, but they seems to subside after a few minutes. I really think it has to do somehow with a loss of lubricant, which I use a lot of to start. Right after insertion, I can feel the Aneros' instability in my rectum, and the involutaries take right off, but then subside before the proscribed \\\"relaxation period\\\" has ended. This seems to coincide with a loss of \\\"lubricity.\\\" Should I relubricate in mid-session? Also, my sessions have mostly taken place with a full gland; that is, I may not have had an ejaculation for over three days. In these sessions I have had pleasurable feelings, but nothing like the super-o. I usually end such sessions with a penile orgasm. (Wonderful orgasm and huge fluid release). However, in a recent session I changed up a few things. First, I started the session on a drained gland by having given myself an ejaculation the previous day. Then, I stretched out the session to 45 to 60 minutes. Had the involutaries at the beginning as before. Still, no super-o, but then felt a tingling or ticking feeling in the prostate; very pleasurable. Did not give myself a penile orgasm to end the session as before. After this session, I noticed a prolonged feeling of pleasure in the prostate long after the session ended.

    Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated. I really like the Aneros, and think it is very healthy and pleasurable to use. I would just love to keep those involuntaries going longer, and maybe one day have a super-o.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Hi all, just though I’d share a few of my own experiences.

    I’m a thirty year old Australian male and pretty much straight.

    I have had an MGX for about a year and have recently bought a helix and a maximus.

    My experiences have very much been an exploration into my own sexuality.

    Soon after I received my first MGX I had a super O that lived up to all the reports in these forums and even more, the only trouble is I have been unable to repeat the experience. Having said that all my experiences have been very pleasurable and I feel that I am very close again to going over the edge, but this time very deliberately.

    I find after reading all the posts closely and trying all the techniques mentioned. The hardest thing for me to do is the most simple. Concentrate on your breathing and maintain a state of arousal simultaneously. It sounds so simple but is so hard to put into practice.

    The MGX is my favourite followed by the maximus, I also like the helix particularly if I don’t have a lot of time because it seems to give some pleasure very quickly, even if a little superficial in my case.

    Also I would like to know if anyone has any relaxation mp3’s that are particularly useful in combination with the aneros, I have tried a few but I haven’t found one that I really like.