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Another experiment TRUE STORY!

  • I’ve had the Aneros for around 7 months now and after reading a post on here regarding wearing the Aneros while on the bus, it gave me a idea. I’ve come to the point were I can easily have hands free orgasms with the Aneros, but I have yet to have the fabled “Big O”. I am somewhat of a exhibitionist and I love to jerk off in public ( something about the excitement of being caught jerking off) anyway I really got turned about being aroused by the Aneros in public. So what I did was 2 days ago I gave myself a enema, oiled up the aneros really good and jumped on the train to the local mall. As I was walking through the train station I really did’nt feel the aneros at all which was really odd. I at first thought it had slipped out, but after I got to the subway station I realized it was still there ( a quick wedgie pull confirmed it). I sat down on the bench and I waited for the train to arrive and as soon as I sat down I could feel the Aneros pressing against my prostate. My dick immediately became ROCK HARD. As I looked down I could see my cock pressing against my pants ( I have a 6 x6 girth cock) and I got so turn on by the fact that someone may see it. But the subway was empty so there was no one around. Finally the train arrived and it was half full. I sat down across from this old lady. The involuntaries where coming on pretty strong now and I could feel the precum dribbling down my testicles as I sat there. My asshole/ man cunt was f*** loving it. I had on dark pants so you couldn’t really see very much of a wet spot, but I could really feel it. As I sat there I kept on watching the old lady across from me to see if she could see my noticeable bulge but I don’t think she could ( I was afraid she might scream for the police man or something) , at least I couldn’t tell from her reaction. I then closed my eyes and drifted, enjoying the sensations I was feeling. A big wave came through me and I shivered a little. The train door open and a large crowed walked in. As the training started moving again the involintaries started coming fast and furiously. I started to sweat and this pretty young lady glanced at me. I guess she thought I was on drugs or something. As I got up to get off my stop, my cock spasmed and spewed out a ton of precum. I could feel it running down my leg. My cock was throbbing at this point ( I’m getting a hard just retelling all of this). I then walked into the mall and strolled around seeing if anyone could tell how turned on I was. I sat down on the bench in the atrium across from 3 pretty young ladies that where talking to each other. As I sat there and watched them talk I started to imagine having a 3 way with them. I closed my eyes and started riding the wave again. I put my hands under my sweat shirt . I have EXTREAMLY sensitive perky nipples ( it weren’t for this dick between my legs I would think that they were titties) and I could precum just by giving them a firm vigorous pull. I did this and I started feeling a really strong small “O” coming and kinda got lost in the moment and I let out a moan ( I was also sweating a awful lot) I opened my eyes before I got to caught up in it and I notice the girls sitting across from me staring at me in shock with there mouths opened. I quickly got up and went to the bathroom. I could the something was gonna happen. I went into the stall and as soon as I sat on the toilet I whipped out my cock and no sooner as I took my cock out a huge wave of warmth and convulsions centering from my abdomen and anal regions hit me like a HURRICAIN. I came really hard and I yelled out “OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT” . There was cum all over my cloths along with that tell tail smell. When I stumbled out the toilet stall I remembered all the guys at the urinal turning around at the same time and staring at me. I was so dizzy and dazed that I didn’t really care. Thinking back on the whole experience I would have to say that was one of the wildest hottest times I have ever had in my whole life.

    Who ever the hell made this little plastic toy is a fuckin GENIUS.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Hm. I do the same thing all the time. I've got really toned PC muscles, and on my diet I am able to have very easy vaginal orgasms. I can't help having orgasms in public--pretty much every time I drive somewhere, etc. Sometimes I have a tantric stone egg or Smart Balls inside to enhance sensation, although I can easily orgasm just from flexing my PC muscles, especially if there is outside vibration. For example one time I had Smart Balls inside at an amusement park, which was pretty darn incredible.

    On the other hand, I'm very discreet about it. I can mostly control all outward aspects except for a narrowing of the eyes. Personally I think if a man does what you did it would be better to hide the visible signs, like maybe with a draped coat or something. If a woman is in a sexual mood, she will pick up on your arousal even with subtle signs, make eye contact with you, and let you know by body language she is interested in seeing more of your arousal. Imposing yourself on women cold is rather an affront.

    Perhaps I am so sensitive about this because it's something I deal with every day, but I think it's just a matter of etiquette.