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Also young guys
  • Hello

    I got the Aneros 2 months ago and I have enjoyed a lot. It took me some patience to start getting some results, but on my last sessions it have been incredible. I think I am getting closer on getting a Super O. I am 19 y/o and I am wondering if there are more young guys using the Aneros, who wants to share his experiences?

    Sorry for my bad English, I am from Mexico

  • Rodrigo:

    Your English seems fine to me. No worries!

    Regarding your question, I think you are probably in limited company. I know I wouldn't have bought an Aneros at 19. I don't think that most guys your age have reached that level of experimentation yet. Intercourse and/or oral sex, with a spouse or girlfriend and masturbation are still fairly new, unique, and exciting, which is great! However...

    It's awesome to hear that you have decided to take this step so early in your "sexual career". You'll have a jump on it! Most women your age have yet to experience an orgasm, so to those of the opposite sex, you'll be way ahead of the curve! You can ask them with a large grin, "Have you ever had multiple orgasms? Well, I have!"

    How's it going for you so far? Are you embracing the entire experience, start-to-finish? Are you adding anything special to your sessions? Porn? Fantasies? Exotic positions? Pre-Aneros festivities?
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    I'm fifty years old now, and only started experimenting at age fourty or so. I wish I had known about Aneros when I was 19. Man, you've got a LONG future of enjoying yourself... WOW.

    Yeah, Rodrigo, do let us know how it goes, what it feels like, and all that. Very interesting to hear if it works for young guys, or maybe it works even better for young guys :)
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    I'm 22 and just got mine a few days ago. I've used it twice so far and been underwhelmed, but maybe I've just been too stressed to find the time and concentration I need yet. (I'm trying to get together applications for grad school!) I'm not giving up yet, though. Reading the boards it sounds like it takes a lot of people a while before they get anywhere.
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    It does take time and patience. The good news is after a while your body gets "pavlovized", I mean, after a while when your body knows what to do it'll do it on its own without any help from you. You just have to get through the initial rewiring stages.

    Also, even if you don't get that fabled super-O, the stages and sights on the road there are worth the trip all by themselves. I haven't arrived at the destination yet, myself, and I'm enjoying the ride thoroughly so far!

    So yeah: DO NOT GIVE UP. If at first you get zilch, that's normal. Lower your expectations and don't stress. It'll happen -- slowly -- when you allow it to.

  • Hello Rodrigo,
    Iv just bought and am looking forward to trying,my girlfriend does not know yet, have you told your?
    By the way my name is Kevin

    Hello, my name is Kevin i am 19 from ireland and have just tried Areros for the first time, it was ok, but I am delighted to read trhat you are more than happy,I cant figure out how to tell my girlfriend with out freaking her out,, did you tell your girlfriend what you bought?
    Best wishes,
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    Thanks for the encouragement, Joe. I have been getting better results each time. It's a strange feeling, not quite like anything I've previously felt.

    Incidentally, I've enjoyed using it along with my Fleshlight, which may be the best thing ever. ;)
  • I just turned 21 and I got mine within the last year, haven't had a "super o" yet, but it feels great. I've also tried some other forms of stimulation so I can become more aware of it, which seems like it'll help me next time I use the aneros.
  • chrisconnchrisconn
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    Originally Posted By: frizzen
    I just turned 21 and I got mine within the last year, haven't had a "super o" yet, but it feels great. I've also tried some other forms of stimulation so I can become more aware of it, which seems like it'll help me next time I use the aneros.

    I'm 21 and I was given one about 8 months ago. I have had real good success with it. really had some intense experiences, mostly the trick it to relax while using it and not get stressed. I find ID lube works better then KY cause it stays slippery longer. I have never really felt anything positioned on my side like they say. I get on my stomach with a couple of pillows under my waist.
    One thing it that when I first used it I got the urge to jerk off. You got to hold off on that. I wear a jock so I don't get tempted too. I've been training myself at it and I can have awesome orgasms which make my body shake like I'm epileptic.