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In a word: Indescribable!
  • Hello all,

    Where do I begin ... I have never felt such pleasure, ever!

    I am a gay man, and I have always assumed the role of a top. The concept of anal/prostate stimulation never really occurred to me. Of course, I have heard of prostate massage, and have tried it several times with my finger, etc. but lost interest very quickly.

    A few months ago, I heard about the Aneros on a Yahoo group, so I went to the local "toy" store in town and purchased one. Unfortunately, my schedule is rather full, and I do not have that much time to spend alone, until the begining of this week. As I was reading the posts, many have different positions. My favourite one is to actually ride it; using a cushioned chair or a pillow. I have not had a problem with the abutement tab ( I hope I am using the right terminology. It is the tab that faces front), but on occasion I get sore, so I move it slightly to the left or the right). I enjoy riding on an over-stuffed arm chair, dining room char sitting backwards, kneeling with several pillows, surprisingly: the car seat, sofa, etc. I find that a chair that gave me pleasure last night does nothing for me the next night, etc. I use a circular motion with my hips; lifting up slightly while moving forward, then downward while moving backward (hope this makes sense).

    I can't begin to tell you how much pleasure I receive from this. The feeling to 'pee' is common at first, but then the pleasure takes over. Just when I think I can not go any further along the continuum of pleasure, I keep it up and have an absolute wild Super-O! The contraction of the muscles do not stop, and when they subside, I slow down, and start up again. It is hard to describe the feeling, but the best I can do is to say, it is incredibly intense, it is a whole body experience, waves of pleasure start from head to toe; then toe to head. I can have 4-6 "super" and several slightly less than "super" in one evening. Every pore in my body tingles. I can touch my arm and it feels pleasurable! AND ... all of this happens without a traditional penile orgasm; and actually, without a full erection and without touching myself. Also, I can not believe how vocal I have become. I sound like a wild man; so-much-so that on occasion I have a raspy voice the next day! I usually finish off with a combination of an anal and penile orgasm (the penile orgasm is so intense that I can shoot five feet! honestly!). Timing is important and keep concentrating on your body's feelings, so that you can achieve both at the same time. They will not lead you wrong! I feel like I get the wind knocked out of me, and I can't move for a few minutes, but that tingling sensation that is all over my body lasts for sometimes 12-14 hrs. after. Today is Thurs., and I have used my Aneros three times, already, this week. I have no soreness or any negative feelings/pain.

    For any of you starting out, or men without any success yet, keep on proceeding. Get your mind into it. Don't say this isn't working over and over, simply concentrate on whatever slight pleasure you are getting. At first, I did not like the feeling at all, but after doing some contractions, I actually felt some pleasure. I guarantee that pleasure will increase. Try different positions. Do some expansions and contractions. Deep breathing is really beneficial, too. Sometime I can have a Super-O after 10 minutes; other times it may take 1 1/2 hrs. For lube, I use just plain-olde Vaseline--but not too much, else one's Aneros becomes a projectile when doing expansions and contractions -- it flew across the room! Relax ... relax ... RELAX. Did I say relax. Concentrate on what you are doing, and not the meeting you have to go to tomorrow. Get yourself aroused. I have a good video and DVD collection as well as pix off various groups (I may have ca. 20,000 from the days when newsgroups were the wave of the future (remember alt. ... ?) up to today)

    I have found this quote used several times, and I would like to reiterate it here: The body's primary sexual organ is found between your ears and not between your legs.

    Many mention not using alcohol and drugs, while others have said they do. I usually enjoy a glass of scotch and a toke (only one of each is enough to get me in the mood and to switch gears from commuting/office/professional mode). Do any of you also do this?

    Is there a group of people that actually get together, talk and maybe play? I would be most interested in that. Straight/gay/bi does not matter in any way.

    In closing, I've got to tell you about my purchase at the toy store. When I went in, there was a woman in her mid-twenties at the counter. When I brought the Aneros up to pay for it she said, "good for you. Finally, a toy for men that actually works. I have seen as many straight men as gay men buying this."

    Enjoy the day.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    Congratulations! Sounds like some terrific sessions. The good news only gets better! The Aneros takes Onanism to a totally different level. Keep at it and keep us informed.


    B Mayfield

    P.S. Please consider copying your comments to the My First Super O thread above, your comments will be tremendously encouraging for those who are still on the path.
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    Okay, as a straight man (not that there's anything wrong with that) I found this thread very helpful, even though the gentleman is not much into bum play himself. This articulate post was by a man well used to the pleasuring of male anatomy and, though I am finding the process a somewhat lacking in progress, I found his detailed perspective useful and instructional.

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    lol that seems to be a fucking lie
    how something could give you an orgasm when you simply slide it in your rectum?!
    that's perfectly impossible
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    Originally Posted By: Yep!
    lol that seems to be a fucking lie
    how something could give you an orgasm when you simply slide it in your rectum?!
    that's perfectly impossible

    sorry i thought this was another post lol
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    Please read about the male anatomy before you start to call others liars.
  • I realize he said sorry but I want to clarify something. I have played with my ass for decades. Sometimes all it takes is a touch to see stars. Not everyone is the same and some are more in tune with themselves.

    Yes you can orgasm just by slipping something up your butt if you're ready.

  • XilehXileh
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    "Yes you can orgasm just by slipping something up your butt if you're ready."

    Oh, and so, so much more. More than may be expected when you are ready.

    @benrwillard congratulations!

  • Sorry for u guys who call it a lie.  Too bad u won't find out what u r missing.