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First time: Mixed results
  • Considering that i ordered my MGX aneros only last friday, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had come in today. I was looking forward to having some "super-o's" today, but that didn't happen. Overall, I would say that my results were mixed.

    First, I lubed up the aneros and popped it in. After meeting a little initial resistance, it slid right in. It felt nice, but not too intrusive as it is really not all that big. After laying down for a few minutes to relax and get used to the idea of having this thing in me I brought my left knee up ot my stomach and began the contractions. For the most part, I really couldn't feel these contractions doing very much. It didn't seem like the aneros was really moving much and it didn't seem like it was hitting any sort of magic "g-spot."

    The sensation i had down there could best be described as that sort of tingling feeling that you get when you've smoked way too much pot. It felt nice, to be sure, but it wasn't mind-blowing or anything like that.

    Despite the overall mediocrity of the experience, I do feel that I experienced a hint of some good things to come. There were a few times when I started to get into a sort of natural rhythm with the contractions. The tingling sensations increased to basically my entire midsection and i noticed that i was contracting harder. But soon after i became awaare of what was going on that sensation went away. It was kind of like riding a wave - I could feel that I was onto something, but it was hard to "stay on" the wave. QUESTION: ANY TIPS FOR GETTING TO THIS WAVE AND STAYING ON IT?

    Those wave experiences were nice, but they weren't total-body or overwhelming. After 40 minutes or so i had had maybe 3 of those mild wave experiences and decided that I'd better finish up. With penile masturbation I found that the aneros seemed to do a better job. In fact, I had a rather powerful orgasm by bringing myself close to orgasm with my hand and then using the contractions to push me over the edge. That was interesting and perhaps show that some sort of combination of contraction and penile masturbation is the way to go.

    SO that's my experience. It seems rather typical of a first time user. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Actually your first experience was a very good one indeed. The way that you described it you had some very encouraging results. Bear in mind for most, this is not an immediate response, it takes time, and patience and some exploration to get you where you want to go.

    Couple of things to check out. First read through BEE LIne throroughly, it contains the distillation of postings over the last several years. I might direct you to In Search of The Sweet Spot to start with. Finding the perineal accupressure point or Sweet Spot, as I call it, is an essential part of success with the Aneros. Beyond that you must learn how to generate sensation with breathing (breathing into the lower abdomen..sometimes called valley breathing), anal and rectal contractions and mental focus. If you read through all of my posts you will see that I list these factors time and time again. These are the ingredients for generating the Super O. The recipe will be your own and will be unique to you. If you read through BEE LINE I've listed some suggestions on how to get some pleasure waves going, but maintaining them and increasing their magnitude, again, will all be a matter for your own personal exploration.

    Keep at it!

    B Mayfield