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Laxative Effect?
  • I have had my Aneros for almost 2 years now. I have yet to have the Super 0 that I often read about.. however, that isn't the reason for my post. It sometimes depends on my ammount of arousal .. but when I first put the Aneros in.. I feel this HORRIBLE intense feeling of needing to evacuate my bowels. I usually have to run into the bathroom and pull it out ending in about 15 minutes of severe dumpage. It doesn't matter if I go to the bathroom before I use it.. it pulls stuff from deep within. Is this common? I have never heard anyone say anything about this before so I was curious...

    On another note I have a really hard time with delayed or missing orgasmic response. I do find that with the Aneros in I can actually achieve orgasm.. including through oral sex which has been impossible for my wife to give me an orgasm in .. in three years of marriage. The Aneros actually makes the penis super sensitive to touch and makes lovemaking a less tedious task.

    Just for edification purposes.. no I am not on an anti-depressant and I have been to several doctors about my orgasmic problem. None of them have any suggestions as to why I have this problem. I've been suffering with it for 3 years now. It comes and goes as well. Sometimes I can't get off 75% of the time... then I will have a 3 month streak of 100% success to orgasm (without the help of the Aneros that is).

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    The urge to purge (to borrow a phrase from Curb...) is a fairly common response to the use of the Aneros for many newbies, particularly for those who are new to anal play. My opinion is that it is normally generated by one or two factors; 1) the type of lubrication being used and 2) the kinds of anal and rectal contractions used. The laxative effect of glycerin based (water based) lubes, have been fairly well documented over the years here in the forum (see most recently the thread by Curb entitled Success ). Some people have had a definite reaction to these lubes, while others don't. In some instances people get used to it , while others remain sensitive to it. Start with modest amounts of lubrication initially ( just enough to facilitate introduction of the Aneros) and see how you do. If small amounts are tolerated, you can always add more as needed. Just be sure to add it incrementally (not all at once).

    The second factor is the intensity, duration and frequency of anal contractions used in conjunction with the Aneros. In some instances a series of strong voluntary anal contractions can actually lead to an involuntary response from the small bowel and colon called peristalsis (the body's normal mechanism for moving waste out of the system). Again, this is most times a matter of taking it slow and easy with the kinds of anal contractions that are used at first. Over time the body becomes accustomed to this. The phenomena is similar to what I was told by a physician regarding the practice of chewing gum; that it can actually generate acid as your stomach is anticipating a meal that never materializes. This is that concept in reverse!

    Determining which factor is responsible for your need for purgation is a fairly simple matter. The laxative effect of water based lubrication can normally be felt rather locally in the anus and rectum prior to generating an effect full on the bowel. One may actually sense anal/rectal irritation. To be certain however, one can try introducing the Aneros with a small amount of lubrication and just leave it there...with no contractions for 10 to 15 minutes (watch TV,...make a phone call..). If there is no reaction up until that point, start with some slow, and gentle anal contractions and see what happens. If there is still no bowel reaction, chances are the kind of contractions that you're using are the key.

    Hope this helps,

    B Mayfield
  • If I use the ID glide to pre lube the rectum I have a similar reaction, so I just use KY on the aneros and found that the response I had was actually better. I felt more out of the abutment tab but I may have lost some of the internal feeling, it's hard to say I'm new and have only tried this once and the new fellings from the abutment tab may have been distracting me.