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  • mike.pmike.p
    Posts: 3
    My earlier thread expressed my frustration that not much was happening. I hoped that I would be like those that it worked the first time out of the box. Well I guess I am like most others that it doesn't work the first time. At least my body is going to need multiple sessions to 'rewire' the circcuits as others have suggested - or maybe just remember what we may have originally had but just forgot. Today, I went in with the mind set of just relaxing and enjoying some quiet, private time. I have come to enjoy how refreshing that can be if nothing else happens. I stroked myself to an erection before inserting the aneros hoping that my perineum would be more sensitive. After inserting, no touching at all. After relaxing for 10-15 minutes, I started gentle contractions, trying to hold them and feel the contractions. While breathing deeply, I pushed down with my lower abdomen while squeezing a contraction. A wonderful feeling came over me and my whole body starting shaking. I 'held' onto it for a minute, rested a bit, and repeated it. Sadly, it was not as instense as a normal climax. More like trying to catch a wave, riding it for a minute and the wave pashes you by. So I guess, more experimentation until I can stay on the wave and let it carry me. But todays session told me it is possible - just to be patient and let my body find its way.

    Sorry for the long post - just wanted to share today's joy.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    The key will be getting in phase with that wave so you can ride it all the way in . Finding your place on it will be accomplished with breathing, anal, rectal and abdominal contractions and mental focus to hold it all together. When this is done properly the wave will increase in magnitude as well and ultimately lead you right to the Super O. The process is a personal one, getting in tune with your own body's unique rhythm. Experiment, explore, have patience....have fun!

    B Mayfield