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wow... interesting first try
  • I got my MGX last night and tried it out. Interesting experience. I didn't make it to the goal but did have some very nice feelings. Actually I got home, got the package and had about an hour before I had to go to a meeting. So I thought I'd try it. As I said, had some very pleasurable sensations, about the intensity of close to a normal O, but was still very aware that there was a bit more distance to go. Anyway... left for my meeting, came home and thought I'd try again. Pretty much the same thing, but I think it was lack of concentration from a hard day.

    Anyway. I woke up this morning with what I can only call a buzz. In the past I was being stupid and took a couple too many painkillers, and ended up somewhat high for about 18 hours. To the point that I was afraid to drive. When I woke up the sensation was managable, but the same type of feeling. Over the day it's only intensified. To the point that I'm a little worried about going home tonight. Anyone had any experience with this sort of thing?