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bullet vibrator
  • OK, I know this is not for beginners, but I wanted to relate the adventure last night anyways, so y'all can drool :)

    Yesterday I bought a small vibrator like this one:

    I'm not affiliated with this website, I just googled for bullet vibrators and this is the closest I could find to the one I actually bought..

    This vibrator goes inside your behind before you insert the Aneros. You obviously lube it a bit, and then insert the Aneros, and then pull down the vibrator until it is tight against the tip of the Aneros in your behind. Mind blowing is an understatement. I was far far away for at least two hours, in la-la-land :)

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    Sounds like a good find. It would be good if they made a vibrating Aneros, but untill that happens, if ever. I'll try this method.
  • fleshjoe, when can we start calling you "AnerosJoe" ?

  • Originally Posted By: gradyk
    fleshjoe, when can we start calling you \"AnerosJoe\" ?


    Anal Joe is the name and anal is my game, yes-sirree! :)

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    Hey Joe ! Have you played around any more with the bullet vibe ? I am very curious to here more about your experiences with it.
  • Well I must say after trying this method, I was quite impressed. Once you get these in the right spot. I was off in laa laa land so long i had to change the batterys twice...

    This one is a sure fire winner. Anyone who has been having troubles with the aneros should try this one. I found it absolutly no trouble at all to blow in this way..

    Later J.

    P.s I loved this so much I'm going to give this another go tonight.
  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
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    In the meantime I've stopped using this method because I think the vibrations are too powerful and they mask the subtle feelings that the Aneros touching inside there generates. Yes, its incredibly fun, but I don't think it'll lead (me, at least) to a super O.

    Do you mean you have an ejaculation, or a super O without ejaculation, with the bullet vibrator, first_timer?
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    Question about the vibrator that comes with the Volcano pack...why didn't they put a groove in it for the handle to keep it in place?? Lube just makes it impossible to stay. When it's there, it's great.