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Another newbie with questions
  • I don’t own an Aneros (but plan to), or have great experience in prostate massage, so naturally I have some questions. I know, questions that have probably been answered, and I just have to look for them, but I’ll ask anyway.

    1. How vigorous would the Arenos be? Could it totally empty you? If so how long would it normally take? I would think though, some of these may vary from person to person

    2. The MGX, and SGX, is there one recommended above the other?

    3. I don’t know how long this product has been around for, but is there ever going to be any new ones created, or development on what they have?

    I know I’m probably just making myself look like a fool with these questions, but if you don’t know, it helps to ask.
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    I think I can possibly answer your question number two. The main difference between the two massagers is size. The SGX is the smaller version, and is sometimes recommended for beginners or men with a smaller stature, frame, build etc...... I own the "Classic", and it's not a whole lot bigger than the SGX, but the "Classic" abutment tab and handle seem slightly bigger or more spread out. I hope this makes sense. ;-P

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    You will ultimately determine how vigorous the massaging action is, depending on the intensity and duration of your own anal contractions. Yes, the Aneros can really empty your prostate (in conjunction with a penile ejaculation). In so far as the amount of time it takes, it is completely up to you (for more info on this point, check out BEE LINE section
    How Long Should an Average Session Be?) As far as the MGX vs. SGX, I'd say Gspotter has covered that one pretty well. I'd recommend the MGX. Regarding any new products, my impression is that the manufacturer has their own R & D department and will introduce such products as they improve on the established product line.

    B Mayfield
  • Thanks for the replies. They were pretty quick, and I've learned something I didn't know before. Maybe I won't have so many questions when I experience it for myself. I'll learn more about it before I get one.

    I'm switching of now, it's past 3am (where I am)
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    How cn i make the big O, happen. ive tried twice but nothing.. please help me out?