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How do you know if you have a Super O?
  • OK this is a really stupid newbie question, and the answer is probably if you don't know that you're having a super O then you're not having one :) Oh well, I still have to ask:

    Is a super O like a regular traditional orgasm in the sense that it feels like a build up and then a release, or does it just build up and build up and never ends? Is there a moment of no return after which you switch from feeling anticipation to feeling pure pleasure? Does the feeling of release last all through the super O, or does it ebb and flow?

    I've read a lot here and some people say one thing, others say something else. B Mayfield says it feels like a release and since he seems to be the resident expert, I'll trust him I guess.

    Well, I just got the Aneros yesterday and I used it a few times. Where I'm at, I think, from reading what others wrote, is the involuntary contraction stage. I can get to that state within 3-4 minutes of insertion, no problem, and stay there for 10-20 minutes at a time, with effort. The swing method really works, I can encourage the involuntaries with a little push here or contraction there, and it just goes on by itself mosly.

    However, I'm asking this question (or set of questions) because it just builds and builds and is pretty scary how intense it gets. No erection at all, and not really a feeling of sexual excitement, but an intense pleasurable feeling in my back side. The few times I've used Aneros so far, I always lose the contractions because my muscles clench up, and also because of the intense need-to-pee feeling.

    Learning still

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    First, this is not a stupid question in the least. As a matter of fact, the last time someone brought it up was many months ago. The Super O indeed, does have a build up and release much like a traditional orgasm. Both phases however, seem to be much longer than the penile counterpart. The Super O, build up (at least for me) is characterized by a sensation of fullness in my prostate, a feeling of excitation in my abdomen, rectum and anus, with a tingling emanating from the perineal accupressure point or Sweet Spot as I call it. This tingling can also be felt to a certain degree in the center of my penis, and my anus and prostate. It is through the connection of these centers of pleasure (through mental focus, rhythmic breathing and voluntary anal and rectal contractions), that a synergy is generated. As the Super O is near my penis becomes VERY hard and soon thereafter, I'm rocked with waves of intense pleasure, accompanied by involuntary anal contractions, further penile engorgement (as if I were ejaculating) and very often global muscular contractions. The individual Super O's normally last from about 45 seconds to over two minutes, however, with experience one can learn to create sequential orgasms, so you're really chaining one orgasm with the next. In this instance, a multitude of orgasms feels more or less like one continuous experience. It WILL leave you breathless, and completely redefine your world!

    Keep at it, and be open to everything that comes your way. Try to work with subtler contractions and practice at developing your breathing and mental focus. These are the techniques that put it all together.

    B Mayfield

    B Mayfield
  • I think this is the most appropriate thread to add to, at this point, because while I've been having tremendous experiences, I'm *still not sure it's the fabled super O thing. PLEASE add your comments and insights as to whether this sounds like the super O, or whether you've experienced anything similar.... Thanks! I also have to warn y'all that this is going to be very long winded, since again I want to include lots of details for the experts to consider :) The experience below happened on Wednesday night, it is now Friday morning when I post it, and I haven't used the Aneros or had any desire to have any sexual activity since then.

    I went to bed at 10pm like usual and put the Aneros in with a lot of lube, and started the recommended routine. I was on my back with legs slightly bent and upper body raised by some pillows, and I had the involuntaries going pretty strong, when my legs started shaking. Like previous sessions my whole body stiffened, only this time the shaking didn't stop. It started in my legs and traveled upwards, through my pelvis to my lower back and to my shoulders, so that I was literally shaking from head to toes. I was really scared, but it also felt exquisite, very pleasurable and intense, but in a completely non-sexual way, no erection and actually no feeling at all in my penis. Once these shakes started, I lost the feeling of intense have-to-poo in my behind, and the pleasure was really whole body, not concentrated in my behind at all.

    I had a pretty major shake-wave, and I thought I shouldnt push myself too hard, Im done for today. I was really wiped out and scared, and hot, sweating a bit, heart racing. So I turned on my side and the involuntary contractions started again, but I ignored them, wanted to take a nap. The Aneros was still inside. I couldnt doze off, the contractions just wouldn't let up, so I wanted to turn face down to get the Aneros out.

    But, as soon as I was on my stomach, raising my behind a little so I could take it out, the shakes started for real. What I had felt laying on my back was just a small preview of what was about to happen. I was racked by these shake-waves from 10:30pm to midnight, with some short breaks to wipe off the sweat and recuperate. As some people described here, I was, like them, shaking so hard that I was afraid I'd break the bed. I was also sweating profusely and probably moaning and keening loudly, and my whole body was vibrating like a string. I just put my chin on the mattress on top of my hands, put my face down into a pillow to try and muffle the noise I was making, and rode those waves. Every time they'd stop and I'd reach back to try and take the Aneros out, they'd start again. In fact, it got so pretty much any movement on my part would start another wave.

    There were periods of complete quiet between those waves, and I could at those times feel some kind of charging going on in my anus, as if energy was gathering there, and then the slightest movement would start another incredible wave of shakes. Some of these waves of shakes were really really major, so much so that I lost my headset (I had been listening to some relaxing music), and my teeth rattled -- in other words, completely major uncontrollable shakes, my whole body stiff and extended, and my pelvis bouncing up n down on the bed.

    During those quiet periods between the shakes I also noticed that my behind was continuously moving the Aneros about in there, completely on its own, but very very gently. My body's manipulations were much more gentle than I had been doing with the induced contractions, and much more gentle than during the involuntary twitches leading up to these major shake waves.

    I have really no idea how many of these massive major shakes I experienced. I can't believe B Mayfield is able to count them :). I really hadn't intended to go for the two hours, in fact as far as I was concerned I was done before they even started. But every movement on my part induced another series of waves of shakes, and during those I was completely limp and powerless to do anything. So I just could not even reach back to remove the Aneros! :)

    Eventually I forcefully willed myself to turn back on my side, quickly got the Aneros out and that stopped the cycle. I fell asleep quickly after cleaning up, and honestly I haven't slept this well in quite a while, woke up really energized after only six hours of sleep.

    WOW! Thursday morning I felt really buzzy and energetic. Then during the day some major stomach discomfort set in, which I suspect is caused by the lube leaking back up my intestines. This would be especially facilitated by my face down position. That was why Thursday night I was unwilling even to consider using the Aneros, and I slept fitfully (as is usual for me nowadays).

    So: what's the verdict -- was this a super O? Does this sound like anything you're familiar with? It sure felt incredibly good, exquisite pleasure, with a build up and subsequent release of contentment and satisfaction.

    Even if this was not the super O, I want to repeat it. Many many times. It was an awakening. An eye opener. I have no idea why I'm so lucky, why Aneros is working so well for me, and why I'm enjoying the experience so much. But I sure ain't complaining! :)


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Although this experience is not the same as mine, I have seen several postings over the last year which reported results almost identical to yours. Is it the Super O? I'm of the belief that the phenomena may manifest itself differently from one individual to the next. So I would have to say that it is. Even with the differences there are some striking similarities with all of these experiences. The build up, the onset and duration and how the orgasm can be reinitiated into multiples by seemingly inconsequential body movement,,,, and all of course WITHOUT ejaculation. In particular, I was amused in reading your comments about going to remove the Aneros and being unable to do so because the orgasms just kept coming...., yep, I've been there!

    Then again, it is still possible that a different experience awaits you. Stay open.....keep exploring.

    With regard to some of the distress that you've been experiencing, I've several ideas on this. I myself have experienced many of the after-effects that you've described. I think you already have some of the answers. Yes, glycerin based (water soluable) lubricants can have a laxative effect. Secondly, some of the discomfort that you've experienced is undoubtedly due to muscle soreness on account of the continuous muscular contraction (tetanus) that you've reported. Thirdly, know that repeated anal and rectal contractions can trigger peristalsis, the involuntary contraction of the small and large bowel, ergo, gas, distension,..even diarrhea in some instances. Lastly, consider the endorphin cascade; a prolonged surge of the body's own opiate like substances in the blood stream. It is very possible that this protracted alteration in blood chemistry and the metabolism of these substances may produce latent effects.

    So how do you address this? First, stay with the glycerin based lubricants, there really isn't a viable alternative. Fortunately, as time goes on two things will occur; 1) your body will become more accustomed to the lube and 2) as you become more and more proficient with the Aneros you will need less and less lubrication anyway. Yes, I would avoid any positions that might result in gravity emptying large amounts of the lube into your colon. With respect to the other factors....your body needs some time to get used to this new phenomena. There will be some rewiring going on. To make it a little more comfortable, you may want to consider eating lightly within 2 to 3 hours of a session too.

    Kudos to you for your success with the Aneros!


    B Mayfield
  • Thanks B Mayfield, yeah, I think my stomach upset is caused by lube leaking up my colon. Reducing the lube amount to what's needed to make the Aneros entry smooth and *no more* is the way to go.

    Well I have two more experiences to report. It is now Monday morning.

    First, on Friday night, I started very late with the Aneros, and I was really tired. something really WEIRD happened -- For the first time I had a very heavy feeling erection, and then during these minor spasms I had a huge penile orgasm (or what felt like one) and when I looked there was only a small spot of pre-cum, no spunk anywhere. I even tried to squeeze the leftovers out, all that came out was a bit more of the prostate fluid. WEIRD!!! I had incredible a feeling of squirting really incredible amount, yet nothing came out.

    After that I had a short break (to send email etc), and took a leak. It did not feel like the session was finished (don't know exactly why but it just didnt feel like that) so I reinserted the Aneros and laid on my side like on Wednesday, this time listening to the audio of some really good porn video looping. Did not feel much, like I expected, until I turned on my stomach (was wearing my underwear, no erection at all). Immediately the shakes started and in time with the woman's orgasms I got these MAJOR MAJOR shakes; I mean MAJOR like never before. Did I say MAJOR? :) Every time the woman in the video would orgasm, I would get these pleasure waves and major shakes, so three times each time around the loop. After a few rounds, it was so I got pretty major waves whenever she'd say something -- didn't matter what, just her voice was enough to trigger a response. Completely mind blowing. Stayed like that for maybe 40 minutes, so 10 times around the loop and maybe 30 waves? or more? Dunno. Maybe 4-6 of them were of that totally MAJOR kind, the others were very pleasant but not that high up in the stratosphere.

    The was Friday night.

    Then, on Saturday night, I wanted to see if I could repeat this wonderful experience with the dry orgasm. So I started with the Aneros and some favorite porn, and got the nice strong erection and some really nice feeling involuntaries. After a while I started getting incredibly pleasurable waves in my penis, scrotum and in my behind. I was pretty confident that I was on my way to another dry orgasm, so I just kept going. I should also say that this was with some very very minimal contact between my penis head and the bedsheet, no rubbing, just the sheet on top of my penis knob. OK, so the same strong orgasm feeling soon set on, with really strong rythmic contractions, only this time I had a huge ejaculation, totally unexpected and a major mess to clean up :)

    Sunday night I laid off on playing with the Aneros. So that's all of my experiences for y'all so I'm up-to-date now :) I feel like every time I use the Aneros I have a new experience, some good, some weird, some just skippable but I think there's much more territory to explore there...


  • Edit
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    thanks for sharing your experiences.

    they sound very similar to my own. i haven't been writing to the forum for a bit, but couldn't be more satisfied with the experiences that i've had so far with this thing. very very similar to yours.

    i am not sure about super or non-super O's...only that what i experience is intense and very pleasurable and completely unlike ejaculatory orgasms during sex with my wife. the fact is that the feelings that i have had during my private time with aneros are more intense than the plain vanilla orgasms i knew. the intensity and feelings from the aneros sessions are starting to creep in to my old-fashioned sex life making it far more than it had been. the other day i had an orgasm during sex with my wife that was very similar to my orgasms with the aneros--an all-over head to toes electrical tingle lightening storm orgasm. someone here called this thing "tantric training wheels" and for me that seems to be true.

    the experience has gone from wild shaking furious sessions as you describe to what i might call more internal experiences, but powerful just the same, maybe even more. i have echoes of these sessions all the time now during the day whether or not i have been using the aneros recently. i think that there are parts of me that were dormant that have awakened.

    i have experimented with the aneros by wearing it on the bus to work (big smile i might add), around the house, showering and it feels interestingly good (gotta be careful when sitting down though), but nothing like a period of time set aside to focus on the experience. i was wondering the other day whether they have considered creating a discreet leave it in wear around aneros tool out of softer material so that it would be easier to sit on? i'd be smiling all the time!!! i can imagine guys smiling, gasping, grinning on the way to work, during those boring meetings, lectures by the boss, etc. so how about it high island? make me one tomorrow!! and a little case with it as well so that i can put it away in my briefcase while not in use. maybe it could be filled with and leak a little lube while in extended use? that could "spot" i guess? LOL! sorry for the digression.

    incidentally, my favorite position for using the aneros is on my stomach with my butt positioned slightly up as you describe. right now it is the only position that i use as it seems to give me the most intense response. i tuck my arms under me in a kind of half cobra which helps the postion of the aneros to be more direct for me. try flexing your sacrum in this posotion for a real charge. each session is completely different. there seems to be no end to the possible nuances that can happen or to the places down there that i am becoming aware of. it has intensified my erections in general, helped my need to pee during the night to the point that i sleep all night now without needing to get up.

    there is nothing but good stuff to say about this thing. thanks again for sharing.


  • After some conversations with other Aneros users (BMayField and others) I've come to the conclusion that what I'm experiencing is not yet the fabled super O. Still waiting for that to happen :)

    BMayField and me discussed yesterday on the chat, and I decided to do an experiment, especially after BMayField mentioned that he only uses Aneros twice a week max. It's now Monday morning, and I'll avoid masturbation of any kind -- Aneros, FleshLight, handjob -- and sexual intercourse, until Sunday. That'll give my body a week to charge up, plenty of time for lots of sexual energy to accummulate. We'll see how it goes on Sunday night :)


  • OK, so I'm still abstaining till this Sunday night. It's getting harder to abstain :)

  • The saga continues :) All in all I'd consider this session a mild success.

    Last night after a week's break, I decided to use the Aneros again. One thing of note about this session was that I used no porn, only my mind and body.

    It felt pretty discouraging at first. Basically it felt like I was back to square one -- the same feeling of urgent need-to-poo and need-to-pee. No involuntaries and no pleasure feeling. It felt as if the energy that I had unleashed in my early successful sessions had simply dissipated.

    I kept the Aneros in for a while, did go take a dump, restarted and relaxed. After a while I decided to masturbate and did notice a very high groin pressure at the base of my penis once I got an erection. Not exactly pleasurable but not hurting either. With this nice firm erection I turned on my stomach and immediately was assailed by strong waves of shakes. It felt like the Aneros was dancing around in my behind like crazy, and it felt really warm and pleasurable all over the small of my back in a very diffuse and unfocused manner. I stopped (by sheer force of will) the shakes a couple of times to listen and pay attention to the Aneros in my behind, and to really feel the movements. It felt really good, the shaft going back and forth in there. By focusing on that feeling I was able to increase the level of pleasure quite a bit. I also noticed that I had completely lost my erection, yet somehow my penis was super sensitive to touch, so any small rubbing was a major source of pleasure sparks. That was the same as in previous sessions, a very strong 'liquid' pleasure feeling in my shaft.

    After a while in this pleasurable shakes state I got tired and dozed off. I woke at 5am with the Aneros still inside, and man was it hard to get out... The lube had dried and I had to work a while to get it out.

    This morning I have a warm charged feeling in my behind and a bit of echoes but nothing major. Just a feeling of something has visited there in my behind, a gentle reminder from my body that something took place there last night.

    So what did I learn? Focusing on the sensations in my backside and behind was really pleasurable, and did seem to build up quite a bit. But for unknown reasons it dissipated after a while, and I couldnt get there again. Also, I learned not to sleep with the Aneros inside. A lot of gas built up behind it and it was mighty hard to get out. Not recommended.

    That's all for now. I'm off using the Aneros until Wednesday night.

  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    OK, so a progress report of sorts..

    I am now able to induce this state of incredibly hard shakes when laying face down, at will, when the Aneros is inserted. However, while this feels extra super good, I feel this is not on the path to the super O. There's at least two things going on: first, these shakes that are really intense and that feel very very pleasurable in the small of my back, and second, the feeling in my pelvic floor, around the prostate. That second one is incredibly pleasurable but currently a very small feeling, not sure if I'm making any sense, but anyways.

    When laying quietly and suppressing the shakes, I can concentrate on the pelvic floor feeling. Its like an intense but pleasurable itch, and it feels like it gets intense (and more pleasurable) at times, then it recedes, and then it comes back. I am not sure whether there's more to this feeling, and whether I should concentrate on trying to increase the feeling. It does feel very good, suspiciously alike the feeling that you have rubbing your penis and leading up to an ejaculatory orgasm.

    I have also been experimenting with crowning -- the practice of rubbing only the upper flat side of your glans. By rubbing for 4 seconds and then resting for 4 seconds, repeatedly, it induces really hard *slamming* contractions in my behind which feel really really pleasurable. However, eventually this always ends with a huge spurting penile orgasm, and then, game over (with exhaustion :)

    So I guess I'm somewhere along the road, the scenery is interesting, but I haven't arrived anywhere near the destination yet -- I suspect my super O destination is not even within sight.

  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    An update:

    Last night I tried something different with what I consider some success. I was on my back watching some really good porn on the laptop resting on my upper legs and pelvis. The Aneros was inside and I was "riding" it, moving slightly in time with the orgasms of the babe in the porn. I thought I'd try inserting my bullet vibrator while the Aneros was in place; it got lodged between the Aneros and my prostate and was providing nice pleasurable feelings. The vibe is one of those small bullets with a wire leading to a control box with the batteries and speed adjuster.

    WHAM! Soon I got some really strong involuntaries going and then they became so strong that I started to contract my PC muscle like right before you cum, and then the involuntaries took over! It felt just as if I was having an orgasm, only no ejaculation happened. I could not stop these involuntaries if I wanted to, they had a mind of their own. This lasted for a good 1-2 minutes with strong involuntary contractions and lots of very diffuse backside pleasure. Not high intensity, instead a feeling of content, well-being, and just pure pleasure. Wow!

    I found that I could only stop the contractions by turning off the bullet vibrator, as soon as I turned it back on the contractions started again, and the pleasure crested. Every time the pleasure increased, my erection got rock hard, and then the pleasure would fade again and the contractions would recede, only to restart after a few minutes. It was *not* an all-encompassing feeling of pleasure like when you have an orgasm, since I was able to type and do other things while this was going on. But it *was* very very enjoyable and felt like right before the BIG THING was about to happen. Only it never did :) I was dripping pre-cum all the time, much more than I usually do.

    After a while I felt really worn out, tried masturbating to a traditional penile orgasm, without success. My body simply gave out.

    Right now my anus and PC muscles are totally crazy (8-10 hours after, with a good night's sleep in between), they're contracting involuntarily all the time as if chewing on something. Very distracting :) And there's nothing inside there for them to grab onto.

    As usual, I have no idea what to make of this experience :)