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About Rewireing : A newbie on the path
  • I've had the aneros for maybe 3 or 4 months now. I've had little sucess with it. But, I have had a little sucess! I would probably be riding the big 0 by now if I had time to practice more.

    I check the posts here about once a week. There has been an increasing number of posters that are dissatisfied with the Aneros. Most have only tried it once and were impatient and/or looking for instant gratification. They read the few sucess stories on here and expect it to happen just like that instantly. Read further back folks, many of the sucess stories took dozens of sessions over months.

    Now I'll put my two cents in, hoping to offer up some advise, based on my experiance. It was maybe my 4th session with the Aneros that I started to feel what everyone was talking about. A building up sensation, that results in gentle and pleasurable waves. Mistake 1, do not expect to have an explosive penile orgasm, you can give yourself that anytime. The objective here is to feel something new and different.

    Rewiring. I've read all the posts and sucess stories, and that word, \"re-wire\" comes up only a few times. I have glazed over its importance every time. It wasnt untill I started to have a little sucess, when the importance of it dawned upon me. Even more so when I read the post about climbing poles at a young age. I remember my first time masturbating when I was young. I didnt discover it by accident. I was well read, and had gotton a hold of some sexual education material. So my first time, I thought I'd give it a whack, and see what the big deal was. During the whole process, I was thinking, \"sure this feels good, but nothing spectacular\". Nothing really happened. Over the next few weeks I played with myself more and more, getting closer and closer to orgasm without knowing it. On many ocasions I stopped just before the PONR,(point of no return), slightly out of fear, partly because it was satisfying enough at that point. I don't remember how long this went on till I finaly had my first orgasm, but I remember it scaring the crap out of me. Havnt stopped since then.

    Alrite now to the point of that story. I think that we are condidioned to traditional penile orgasms, mostly because its natural. But also because many of us trained ourselves in youth through masterbation to enjoy the experiance. We've gotton so good at pleasuring ourselves, its become a security blanket for sexual frustration. We are spoiled on instant gratification.

    Now here is the Aneros, something new. Hundreds of positive testaments, its even popular in other countries. Here I am, a hetro male, only ever used to traditional orgasms, solo, or with a woman. After a few failures with the Aneros,I finaly have one good session with the Aneros. After the experiance was done, and I was reflecting on the whole process, I realized that I was teaching my body something new. Just like I did, when I first learned to masturbate. I'm re-wiring my body to experiance pleasure in a new location. Its not as easy as, learning to ride a bike, or masturbating for the first time. It takes alot of patience to override the instinct for instant gratification. To realy pay attention to new senstaions, and ignore the familiar.


    My latest experiance with the Aneros yeilded more sucess. Finaly after a dozen attempts. I finaly see the truth of the sweet spot. I can't even begin to describe it. Before I thought maybe I did not have one, but I think It was just a matter of re-wiring over several sessions till I finaly got the pleasure from it. Just a few tips that helped me, I hope it helps others.

    I have better sucess with the Aneros, if I have abstained from all sexual activity for a few days. When my body is sexually frustrated, I'm more open to new pleasurable experiances. On the flip side, I'm get extremely tempted to masturbate for the traditional orgasm. Thats the instant gratification mentality at work, its hard to resist.

    I also seem to have better luck when I'm tired. When I'm at the point I could nearly fall asleep. I'm less tense, and my body is ready to relax. When I can get to the point that I forget the Aneros is even inside me, thats when the little contractions start to feel good.

    I time my contractions with my breathing, to pace myself. Over fatiguing the PC muscles are counter productive to my experiance.

    Thats all the tips I have for now. If I ever hit \"the big O\", I will be sure to post on it, with any additional tips that helped me out.
  • Thanks for your post: it echoes much of what I've been experiencing.

    Just for the record: I have nothing to do with the manufacturers of the Aneros, or anyone who sells them.

    I've had to get used to the Aneros in a slightly different way from others here. For a while, I'd get muscular pain in my anus and rectum, often accompanied with a cramp. After a while I learned how to relax the deeper muscles - and I laid off using the Aneros for a while.

    I had a session today which has got me further along the 'rewiring' route. I'd been feeling a bit disappointed with it - except as an adjunct to my other sex toy, a Fleshlight (which is very good indeed!). Although i didn't (and don't) feel my money has been wasted, I had been expecting better results, especially because I'd endured some pain.

    Anyway, the initial feeling was that it feels much more comfortable than before. I still experience a kind of 'charged' feeling immediately after inserting it, which feels good: like my spine coming alive. I've experienced similar feelings during Kundalini yoga and similar.

    After a while I started getting the small involuntary twitches in my anus and rectum that I'd had before. My own instinct was not to try to encourage them: in fact, the more I try to stop them (by relaxing my anus and rectum completely) the stronger they get: and if I try to help them along, they stop.

    This time something different occurred after a while. I started getting an erection (I've had that before), a very strong and pleasurable one. I tried using my Fleshlight for a bit, but as I was leading up to a climax, I decided to stop and see what happened. As I relaxed, the contractions became stronger and more rhythmic, and I experienced something like a very strong 'flood' of pleasurable energy: unfortunately, this was so surprising that I started 'thinking' and broke the spell.

    I finished up with my Fleshlight (with the Aneros in), and experienced a very strong orgasm, which paradoxically didn't make me feel tired or lethargic, but energised and happy :)

    This is definitely getting better - and to the folks who feel like they've been 'conned': keep at it. Things will happen, but not what you're used to!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Very encouraging experiences and some great observations too! Rewiring yes indeed! In BEE LINE you'll find a thread entitled ANAL AWAKENING where I and some other users had spoken of awakening or lighting up the prostate. Rewiring is perhaps an even more appropriate way to describe it, as it denotes a substantive change in how sensations are perceived and channeled in this inner region of your body.

    Be sure also to experiment with visualization. This technique of using mental images to heighten arousal is also an effective means of engaging certain involuntary responses. For example as you hold onto an anal contraction think of it in terms of holding onto and concentrating sensations within the deep recesses of your rectum and abdomen. Think of sweeping sensation deeper and deeper inside. Think of the rhythmic breathing that you do as inflating your prostate with sensation. I have found images like these to be very powerful tools.

    I believe you had also written some comments regarding an increased volume of ejaculate while using the Aneros. I can definitely confirm that concept. My wife and I both have found it simply astounding. On occasions I have used a mental image of something like a sneeze (thinking of my prostate swelling to a climax) to build the Super O's and the ejaculation that will follow them to an enormous magnitude.

    Keep at it!

    B Mayfield
  • Heres how my experiance goes most of the time.

    1) Shower and light enema. Perhaps even a hot bath to relax.

    2) Lube up, and insert the Aneros. Spend a few minutes getting used to it. This part is difficult for me, as my first reaction is to poo it out. I have weak to moderate invoulentary pushes to expel it. This is also when I feel like have to go poo. Many times I have removed the Aneros and went potty to make sure. Only to have to relube and reinsert.

    3) Now I'm relaxed. The Aneros feels almost non existant, except for the powerful invoulntary PC muscle contractions I get every ten seconds or so. They are intense contractions, and this is when I start visualizing and feeling every contraction for what they are worth. I too also used to try to encourage the contractions, but found it more pleasurable to just let them happen all on their own. Sorta pleasurable anyways. The abutement tab feels uncomfortable, I'm highly aware of its sharpness.

    4) Eventually the involuntary contractions stop. The very slightest movement of the Aneros feels intense. My back region feels "pumped up" somehow. I can actually feel my heartbeat against the aneros, and that is somewhat pleasurable. The abutement tab still hurts, but its also causing a sensation like an erection, only the sensation is right where the tab is. This is also the phase where I start to expirement with pushing the aneros in and out with muscle contractions only. Feels prety good if I dont push very hard.

    5) No more with the pc contractions, I'm getting very sensitive. However, tensing certain muscle groups and holding, like doing a pelvic thrust, is extremely pleasurable. A sensation very similar to PONR,(point of no return), begins to build up slowly. Erections come and go, but the building up feeling is not in my penis, its in my anus. Also feelings of euphoria set in, like I'm high. One wrong move, and it stops. Often times it stops for no reason and builds up slowly again.

    Welp thats as far as I can get. It feels like I'm teetering on the edge of something big, but I'm just not getting there. Sometimes my sessions are completly non-productive, cant get past step 3 above. Good sessions are starting to outnumber bad sessions. Every good session I swear I feel something new that I didnt before, as if my nervous system has connected a few more wires to a slumbering pleasure center. I guess "awakening" is also a good term for it, but I'm certain theres more going on than changes in my perception. I dunno if I'm making any sense.

    On a side note.. I'm finaly loosing the weight I've been planing to loose. Simply because I eat less to prevent frequent bowl movements. Nothing kills the mood more than needing to go potty during a session. Imagine that, the Aneros is helping me diet.
  • Since I've written a comment in this thread, I thought I'd continure here.

    I've been using my Aneros every day, more or less: and I've discovered that the barrier, for me, is now a mental one. I've got used to the feeling of having it inside me, and that's pleasant enough.

    I get small rhythmic contractions - twitches - almost as soon as I insert it, and these sometimes give me an erection, sometimes not. I've found that the trick is to just observe these contractions, and not 'try'...

    Sometimes my sessions (lying on the bed, under the covers) last a couple of hours, but a lot of that time is just relaxing and sometimes dozing off - I usually have a nap during the day anyway.

    Today, I got a tantalising glimpse: at one point, the contractions started getting stronger, accompanied by intense pleasure. It only lasted a few seconds, but the feeling was amazing. I broke the spell somehow and they stopped.

    What can I do to let these stronger contractions continue? Is it just a question of time & focus or is there a trick to encourage them as they begin?

    I'm enjoying this process in another way too: my pelvic floor musculature has become stronger and more toned, and that's a very comfortable feeling that I carry with me all the time. As a result, my traditional orgasms have become stronger, and I also have the distinct feeling that I can orgasm without necessarily ejaculating - that I can hold back the semen if I want to, with no loss of pleasure.