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I don't know why but....
  • It just doesn't work for me! I have had the thing for several months and followed diredtions fully and read almost every post on here and I just can't seem to achive what everyone else has. If I push down on the tab and move it a little, I can feel a minor sensation, but it doesn't really last and I lose my erection and my desire to continue in the process.

    I'm extremely disapointed!
  • artart
    Posts: 7
    for me, and i am totally new at this, it happened when i gave up needing it. i have always needed sex, needed the big squirt, and i took that with me as i first attempted to use aneros. i had to unlearn all of that, let go of it and give up. then i felt something and it happened? i have tried this twice successfully now not including my first hasty push and shove session. i had more success the second time as i relaxed even more into the process

    i just kept telling myself to be still and forget about expectations. i mean i have to work on not working it if you know what i mean?

    it'll happen. just enjoy what is and let go of the expectations. i think it just feels good anyway just being there naked with myself thinking about life a little, breathing, letting stress go, relaxing. after i get used to the thing in my bum it actually feels kinda sexy...and that's enough to start with isn't it. the less i seem to pay attention to what i want to feel the more i fee--which is what starts the process of climbing each time.

    hell i'm new at this anyway--so for what it's worth.

    just enjoy it where you are in the process. shoot! the damn thing is teaching me about life now too ;^) LOL!

  • My first few times with the Aneros were just as frustrating. I hate to echo what Art says, but he is 100% right. It wasnt untill I gave up, without actually giving up, that I began to feel something pretty good. My first sucess was when I dropped my expectations and began to expirement and relax. To much stimulation was counterproductive in my experiance. Slow and steady, taking breaks, and paying very close attention to every little sensation is the key. The funny thing about it, every time I start to feel something awesome, I get over excited and try to physically intensify whatever is happening. In doing that it only causes it to fade away. Another important factor for me is when I figured out that I get better at it every time I use it. Its like I'm teaching my body. Everytime I have a positive experiance, its like I'm getting rewired slightly each time. Just relax with it, expirment, loose your expectations, dont try to hard, and you will start to get it.

    I havnt reached the big O yet, but I know I'm close. Its like being teased to the point of no return and just staying that way. In another way it also feels like your going down in a freight elevator very quickly. Sorta like the butterflies sensation. And lately, I've felt a new sensation where they are calling it the "sweet spot". Before, the abutement tab used to pain me, now it feels prety good. I'm still learning this thing, I'll get there soon. Keep on trying, I'm sure you will stumble on the right path soon.