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Does Aneros help with erections?
  • NewAtThisNewAtThis
    Posts: 1
    I have ED and wonder if using the Aneros will help me get an erection
  • Newatthis,
    I have had problems with erections for the last three of years. I was suffering with prostate problems when I found the Aneros on the internet. I bought mine last July and have nothing but success with this handy little gadget. My prostate problems disappeared within a week and my erectins started to begin a come-back just a while later. The most amazing thing about the Aneros is that is has been instrumental in my life coming back together. With the help of the Aneros I have regained my erections which have as far as I am concerned given me back my life and the enjoyment that goes along with it. I thought that life was over before I started using the Aneros. I can now use the Aneros and have an erection when ever I want or feel the need for one. The fact that my prostate had taken away the joy of sex just about killed me. As of now I can get horny and slip in the Aneros and fulfill the need for sex. I can use it in the traditional manner, prostate massage or just lube up and slip it in and have a beautiful full erection, masturbate and feel good all over. The Aneros has led me to find another side of my sexuality and explore all that this other side has to offer. After almost a year I am still learning things about the Aneros and what it can do for me. The crazy thing for me is just when I think that I have had all the experiences that the Aneros and I can share, some new sensation comes up or a new postition presents itself to me.
    Once again I would like to thank BMayfield for all of his posts and the rest of you guys for all of your helpful hints and insights.
  • It certainly does! During and after use. It will improve and/or enhance your erectile health/function, orgasms, stamina, virility, blood flow, prostate, and possibly libido, testosterone, and sex drive. You will have longer and more frequent erections and they will be much firmer and maybe a tad bit wider and/or longer (length).