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new at this, need help
  • newguynewguy
    Posts: 1
    Sorry but I don't understand. Are you supposed to hold the contraction or hold and release the contraction quickly to have the big O? Thanks
  • ScoobyScooby
    Posts: 30
    Hey new guy, I too am new at this and have had some difficulties with the use of this device. I am confident we can both overcome these difficulties and reach the euphoric state of the Super O. To derive some pleasure from the device, I like walking around the house with it in place. I put clothes on and go get the mail and everything. This is rather interesting and if your relax, there can be some pleasure derived from it. I have had the most success with the contractions after I do these little trots around the house. See if it doesn't help you out a little. It gets the pre-cum flowing a little which in and of itself is very erotic for me and I would imagine others as well.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Check out my post to Scooby but also make sure to read through my threads above Keys to the Backdoor and ...Revisited. These will give an overview