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Trade group for MGX/SGX owners
  • Anyone get what they think is the wrong one for them? Hard to know which is best for your anatomy, so why not trade? Simply wash your Aneros, then soak in alcohol or bleach for 30 minutes. After that run it through the dish washer with Cascade or similar detergent at 140 degree water temp and it will be sterile.

    Once clean, use this thread to open dialoge with each other to make trades. I know there is a difference in cost, so make it work some how. What good does it do you to have the wrong one? What do you have to loose by trading?

    I have an MGX... it is too long for my body. Fun, but not what I had hoped for. Interested in acquiring a newer model (Shorter) MGX or the SGX model. If you are interested in trading, mine is clean and sterile, in the original factory packaging. Email me and lets see where this leads. Email me at [email][/email].
  • anyone want to sell anything?

    I only have an MGX and I'm definitely keeping it but I might be interested in buying another one.
  • Hi Guy's, Not a bad idea, considering that when I ordered my Progasm they double shipped, when I ordered my MGX they sent me 2,and you can't send them back. So if someone wanted them {still in the package} and wanted to buy me a maximus I would give the the pro and mgx in return, since this is the only unit I don't have. If someone is intrested pm me. See Ya W.