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Long Term Use
  • Hello,

    Are there any long term users of the aneros? I'm fairly interested in the possibilities of this sex tool. What nearly has me sold is the user discussion forum made available by the company. I purchased a fleshlight, another high quality sex tool, on the strength of all their positive user feed back.

    Anyway one of the worries that keeps sticking is my mind is whether or not all this pleasure comes at a price in the long run. Are there any long term users our there that can set my mind at ease. It will be a month at least until I have the free cash to put up to buy one and I'm going to be spending that time doing research on this.

    But if you could respond with how long they've been using the aneros and whether or not there has been any ill effects whatsoever.

    Thanks alot.
  • Also, is fluid being discharged from your penis unintentionally a problem? I've read in the forum about some of you being able to effect a orgasm of sorts without even having the aneros in, but does this definitely take a conscious effort to bring you to the point where you dripping pre-cum.

    It could be quite embarassing if I couldn't control this, and it would definitely be a point to consider when weighing the pros and cons of this device....

    ...though I'm not sure there's cons. For all the information on the internet about prostate stimulation, I have yet to be able to wade though it to see anything about damaging your prostate and what it takes.

    I admit I have no evidence to believe that a device specificially designed to stimulate a healthy prostate function would cause damage...but I guess part of me still thinks this sounds too good to be true.
  • minsinzminsinz
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    I have been using the Aneros for over 2 years, roughly once a week. Initially, I use it everyday for a few months. I found no negative effects. I have checked with my urologist and he said that it is a safe item to use.

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    I have been using the Aneros intermittantly for over 5 years. I just gets better.

    check out they appear to sell the same unit as the Aneros, named Pro-Stab into the medical field. it is well established fact that prostate massage is a viable treatment for prostatitis, in fact this was the ONLY treatment intil drug therapy became available.
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    I use mine everyday and sometimes four upto 6 hours. I have had it for only a few months and I have had no bad side effects at all. I love the pleasure it gives me and have told many friends about it and we all use ours together for hours of great pleasure.