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Several Questions
  • geospudsgeospuds
    Posts: 1
    1) Stress: work, home, bankruptcy vs ability to feel ANYTHING
    2) Three high blood pressure meds vs ability to feel ANYTHING
    3) Viagra vs/and Aneros
    4) A way to bend the handle, or head
    5) years of bicycle riding

    Have had the Aneros for about 6 months, have read everything, doing all the correct preparation and techniques. Have feeling/pressure on the perineum and anus, but nothing on the prostate. I think it may be like making love - it's 90% mental. 1) stress - just finishing up a big personal bankruptcy and business failure (after 14 years). 2) Just went to the doctor for more meds for high blood pressure. He mentioned, and asked, if I had problems with erections - oh ya, sex drive in the last year has drove right off the cliff. 3) The doctor offered Viagra, might be a interesting experiment, but I opted to wait. 4) My Aneros originally came the with the back handle angled up at around 25- 30 degrees up. I thought it was the cause of the symptom of no feeling on the prostate. By using a electric space heater and tinfoil in the shape of a cone (conehead) got it down flat, where it should be. Should I, can I, heat the head, top or bottom, to bend it forward to hit the prostate better? 5) could years of long distance bicycle riding have a ill effect?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    I would hazard to say that with regard to your factors 1,2, and 5, that they can all adversely effect your level of success with the Aneros. I've discussed the notion of "being ready" for this experience, in several of my previous postings. In general terms it's about recognizing when you are and when you're not feeling sexual. Stress, and drug side-effects are not necessarily deal breakers for a traditional penile ejaculation, but the "non-ejaculatory" route requires tuning in on subtleties that are easily overlooked or even extinguishes by powerful outside stressors. Given the set of circumstances that you've outlined, if you're having trouble with the traditional approach I wouldn't expect big results from the Aneros at this time. This is a physical/mental response that cannot be forced!

    In so far as #5 is concerned, I've seen numerous reports in the last several years that contend that long periods of bicycling riding, on hard seats can cause nerve damage. Whether this is irrepairable or not would be a matter for a urologist. (If you're still riding a lot, look into the new seat types that are anatomically designed to prevent nerve damage...they sell them at all the bike stores now, ...I have one myself!)

    In so far as modifying the device goes, I'm fairly certain that it is impossible to bend the head of the unit in any appreciable way without substantially damaging it. The reason; the material is too thick at the head to allow the the core to be heated sufficiently to be malleable ( btw....I have tried it!). The abutment tab, handle and stem ( the area with the ribs) ARE thin enough to be worked with (although I don't recommend messing with any of these unless you've given careful consideration to what you are doing!) However, bending any these WILL NOT yield any better prostate contact. With respect to your concerns about not having sufficient prostate engagement I recommend the following; first, make certain that you have the larger MGX version of the Aneros. If you got the device 6 months ago, the MGX is distinguished by having several bumps of "knobs" near the end of the head of the device (the SGX does not). Secondly, try utilizing different body positions while using the Aneros. (See my post to the thread entitled "Am I Too Tall?" below, for more information on this.

    Lastly, you're correct in your assumption that there is a powerful mental component involved in achieving "non-ejaculatory orgasms" with the Aneros . As a matter of fact, you should know that it is possible to have "non-ejaculatory" orgasm without it! (But they are definitely more intense with it). My point is, all of this involves time, patience and self-discovery. It would seem that you've got a lot of STUFF on your plate at this time. You might want to consider resolving some of these things first and revisiting the Aneros at a later time.

    Hope this helps,

    B Mayfield