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Am I too tall?
  • PCPC
    Posts: 1
    Howdy folks. I got my Aneros a few months back, and have used it about four times since I got it. All I get is pain each time, no matter how hard I try to focus, but I want to give it a few more tries.

    I am 6'4'' -- is it possible the standard Aneros is too short to reach my prostate? Or are we all basically the same size, uhhh...inside :D no matter what our height?

    One more thing. No matter how careful I am to keep the lube away from the pressure point, it always slips to the far left, to the crack of my leg instead of in the centre above my butt. Is this normal, or should the pressure point be more or less centred?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Dear PC,

    I am also 6' 4" and the standard (MGX) Aneros has no problem contacting my prostate. From what I've been able to gather physical stature doesn't have that much of a bearing on the location of the prostate, ie. distance in length from the anal opening. What may be more of an issue (just judging from some of the comments that I've read in the past) is the location of the prostate relative to it's location in the anterior wall of the rectum. It seems plausable to me, that in some instances at least, the rectum is wider, putting the prostate beyond the Aneros' angled reach. So that the Aneros has the length to make it, but is unable to engage the prostate because it cannot angle up far enough towards the anterior wall of the rectum (in which the prostate resides).

    How to deal with this: try different positions. Try standing up, squatting, on all fours with arched back, kneeling next to your bed (with torso and head on the bed, knees on the ground) for starters. Hopefully one of these positions will provide you with more engagement of your prostate.

    In so far as your last point is concerned, I assume by "pressure point" your referring to the Aneros' abutment tab. Keeping the tab centered can present somewhat of a challenge, but yes you want to keep it centered as much as possible. In reality you want to find your perineal neural plexus or "sweet spot" as I've dubbed it and keep the abutment tab on that spot. You want to accomplish this as non-aggressively as possible, I've suggested a finger or two as guides only! Just remember any direct pressure on the tab by your finger(s) will defeat the concept of creating a "positive neural feedback loop" between this "sweet spot" your anus and prostate. In essence, as much as possible you want this whole thing to take off by itself, to be, self sustaining if you will.

    For information on how to find the "sweet spot" check out my thread on PAGE 2 in the forum entitled "In Search of the Sweet Spot".

    Hope this helps,

    B Mayfield