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gut feelings :D
  • hey, im knew to aneros, but i really like the it. before i got it i was able to get the same sort of feelings a different way while standing and doing certain things. what i found out was that the feelings would start analy and spread with a sort of warmth as if up my spine to my chest. which was rather awsome. if i continuted in such a manner i could keep it going for some minutes. after a while i could call back the muscle actions to forse my torso into an "orgasming state" but not truly so withought any anal stimulation.
    has anyone had any similar results with the aneros? and if so do you think that the torso tension is a good lead off for aneros orgasming. thanks for anyones opinion. im more than willing to be a guinea pig for people ideas :P
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    A good "lead off",... you bet it is! The phenomena that you've stumbled upon is what a many of the tantric techniques speak about. All you need now is the Aneros and some experimentation and you'll be on your way to a very intense experience indeed. The idea is about mentally focusing and joining the sensations that you've produced yourself in the past, with the perineal, anal, rectal and prostate sensations that the Aneros provides. Let one wave build on and complement the other and the next thing you know, Super O!


    B Mayfield