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Can't Ejaculate
  • LeoILeoI
    Posts: 10
    I have been achieving dry orgasms with the Aneros and while these orgasms are intense and enjoyable I would like to finish off a session with an ejaculation.

    Any suggstions on how to do that? I know I should be happy that I'm achieving dry orgasms but eventually you're going to have to empty your prostate anyway and it would be much more enjoyable using the Aneros.
  • Squeeze your PC harder and faster and some may have to make hand to penis contact and jack off the rest of the way. I've had handsfree Super Ts (ejaculations) but sometimes I've had to hold off contractions and relax to keep from ejaculating.
  • RodemRodem
    Posts: 18
    > For best results, bend the knees close to the stomach, squeeze the scrotum between the inner thighs (you can cross your thighs to squeeze more) then stretch your legs so that the penis skin and the scrotum are pulled back toward the base.
    > It seems like the penis itself is stretched out, increasing its hardness and sensitivity.
    > You may feel some pleasurable tautness caused by the stress added to the skin.
    > As you approach orgasm, you will feel a contraction-like movement within the testicles.
    ... from

    This technique almost always works for me.

    Once you have fully learned this, you can control the penile tension and float around the threshold.
    You may even have several dry orgasms there to finally push you over the edge.
    Ejaculation induced by dry orgasms will show you a new dimension of pleasure.