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don't feel anything
  • I got my aneros a week ago and have been using it for three times but without any results. This was what I've been doing: contracted my anus gently when inhaling and relaxed when exhaling. I breathed about 6 times in a minute so there should be about 6 contractions every minute. Is my contraction frequency to low?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    At this point, keep experimenting and make sure to CHECK OUT THE POSTINGS IN THIS FORUM. I have written before about establishing a "basal contraction" , a very low intensity contraction, just above the level of relaxation, that you always maintain and that you always contract from and relax back to. Give this a try. As far as the quantity and duration of contraction that you've described, they sound reasonable, but don't get too hung up on precise timing or duration of anything in the process. Again, at this point it's more valuable to experiment, mix it up and just see what happens. This is a time of discovering new sensations for yourself, be open to them and be patient.

    B Mayfield