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another lube question
  • Do you find that the silicone based lubes like Astroglide or Wet last longer or are any better than just plain old KY? Is the sample that came with my massager silicone based?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    I think ID Glide (which came with the Aneros) is water based.

    I just changed from ID Glide to KY, and I think KY is better. It is thicker. Lasts as long as you will.

    Buy a baby medicine dropper. Fill it with KY, and insert the KY that way.

    I am still experimenting with quantity, but last time I used two droppers full, and that seemed pretty good. I inserted the dropper all the way for the first batch, to lube the prostate, and the other one only partly to get the rest of the area. Experiment.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Darwin is right on all counts. Wet, ID Glide, and KY are all water based (water soluable) lubricants. The chief constituent in all of them is GLYCERIN. Silicone is a preparation found in many handcreams and industrial lubricants. One of its main physical properties is that it is water repellent (silicone sprays are used for water proofing camping equipment for example). In cosmetic preparations it's actually used to keep the skins own natural moisture in! Not all oil based lubricants contain silicone.

    Although some have reported success with the Aneros and oil based products, I firmly believe that the water soluable lubricants show several distinct advantages. First, they are not readily absorbed into the skin (as are oil based products). Considering that we're talking about some very delicate tissues in the anus and rectum, the water soluable products are simply the gentler alternative. I myself have found that the oil based products make me sore. In addition, because of the absorption of some of the oil based products, reapplication may become necessary. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, CLEAN UP IS A SNAP with the water based products.

    In so far as KY versus other glycerin based products, I have found that they're all pretty much the same; some thinner some thicker. Again, for the most part, they all contain the same ingredients. I use KY jelly exclusively at this point. It's readily available (even at some grocery stores), it's thicker so it can be cut with water if necessary, and generic alternatives (the drugstore's own brand) are commonly available as well. Personally I find that the jelly is more slippery than the thinner formulations. (It's also easier at the check out counter, know more discreet, after all, KY has some medical uses too. Compare that to a phallic shaped bottle that has WET emblazened on it! :)

    B Mayfield
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    As far as cleanup is concerned, I have some preliminary info to report.

    As mentioned earlier, I have been using a baby medicine dropper to apply.

    I had been having trouble cleaning it out. The water based lubes don't seem to dissolve in hot soapy water. The result has been a residue inside the dropper. I have been concerned that the residue could harbor bacteria originating in the gut. (I don't know whether or not the rectum is susceptible to bacterial infection; after all, its main business is to cope with nasty waste).

    Anyway, I was surprised to find yesterday that a day or so after using KY the dropper had a clear solid gummy bear at its tip. I conclude that the KY oozed out the tip and dried up. This is consistent with KY behavior of becoming sticky when used as a rosy-palm lubricant. Ie, it seems that KY dries while ID-Glide doesn't. As I said, this is preliminary. But if true, it seems to be another advantage of KY. I will store my dropper standing up to facilite this.


  • Edit
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    I too use the medicine dropper. I have finally found one which is plastic and the rubber bulb slips on and off of the end. This facilitates much better cleaning. I can run water through the large end of the dropper and blow air through it which cleans it 100%. Running water on the bulb and squeezing it numerous times cleans it also.

    As a final cleaning I use a tobacco pipe cleaner running it down through the tube and doubling it to clean the interior of the bulb.

    I am convinced that after this type cleaning there is no bacteria or KY residue left in either pieces. Hope this helps.