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  • I purchased the aneros 1 month ago & couldnt wait to recieve it.For 3 weeks i tried using the aneros every other night.I was starting to get frustrated because i wasnt getting the results i read about.At that point i was ready to just give up.Then i read a article that said to get yourself in the mood first.So,i got myself excited & nice & hard before inserting the aneros.The next hour was a wonderful experience.I had dry orgasm one after another.Like they said it came in waves.Feelings inside & in my penis like ive never felt.I loved it & cant wait to explore these feelings longer & more of them.I just hope i can get that feeling again & even better.I cant wait to really learn how to use this for longer hours of self pleasure.Also for me & my girlfriend to use it during sex.Thank you aneros,Tom